Lead Up to the Olympics: Qualifiers Update from the Toyota US Grand Prix at Mammoth Mountain

A check-in at the second-to-last qualifier for the 2022 Olympics.

Women’s slopestyle and halfpipe qualifiers went down on January 6, 2022 at Mammoth Mountain for the second-to-last Olympic qualifier for the US team (points can be earned at the Laax Open, January 11-15), the Toyota US Grand Prix. Men’s qualies were postponed due to wind and are scheduled to happen today (photos of men’s slope are from practice).

Current rankings for slope, big air, and halfpipe come from the World Snowboarding Points List, and in the men’s slope and big air, specifically, are fairly close.

Currently in men’s slope, the WSPL ranking for the top ten US riders:

Red Gerard (ranked 2nd) – 913.60 points
Dusty Henrickssen (3rd) – 869.00
Chris Corning (5th) – 753.45
Brock Crouch (7th) – 740.38
Judd Henkes (13th) – 690.63
Lyon Farrell (15th) – 626.55
Sean Fitzsimons (17th) – 585.43
Luke Winkelmann (21st) – 536.54
Kyle Mack (32nd) – 500.13
Jake Canter (34th) – 488.42

There’s also a big air ranking on the WSPL and Chris Corning is the highest ranked US rider in third place overall.

How exactly do riders qualify for the US Team? It’s a little confusing, as always, but what we’ve discerned is that two riders per discipline/gender are selected from top 6 ranking in the WSPL, if available (with three US riders currently in the top six, that seems simple enough). Each discipline/gender can have up to four riders and so the additional two can be selected in a few different ways, in this order: one through the a top three results in an identified tryout event during the 20-21 or 21-22 season and there is also a discretionary option via nomination that also necessitates a top result at a qualifier and takes WSPL ranking into consideration.

On the women’s side, Kiwi Zoi Sadowski-Synnott is ranked number one and for the US Team hopefuls, here are the current standings going into Mammoth:

Jamie Anderson (ranked 2nd) – 934.83 points
Hailey Langland (10th) – 655.83
Julia Marino (11th) – 634.83
Courtney Rummel (17th) – 517.32
Ellie Weiler (27th) – 456.98
Jade Thurgood (36th) – 411.65

US Team spots for Jamie, Hailey, and Julia to return to The Games are looking pretty good, the fourth spot is up for grabs, with Courtney Rummel and Jade Thurgood both advancing into finals.

On the women’s halfpipe side, both Chloe Kim and Maddie Mastro are comfortable enough in the standings that they have locked their team slots in, essentially. Both elected to forgo competing in the Grand Prix and set their sights on Beijing.

Here are the top ten WSPL rankings in women’s halfpipe:

Chloe Kim (ranked 2nd) – 933.33 points
Maddie Mastro (5th) – 843.47
Arielle Gold (8th) – 719.73
Zoe Kalapos (19th) – 535.87
Tessa Maud (21st) – 479.26
Kim Bea (24th) – 398.84
Sonora Alba (25th) – 397.56
Summer Fenton (30th) – 355.44
Kinsley White (32nd) – 339.36
Alexandria Simsovits (34th) – 312.63

Here are the results from women’s pipe and slope qualifiers:

Women’s Halfpipe Qualifiers Results

Women’s Slopestyle Qualifier Results

Watch finals live or via replay from Mammoth at these times EST:

Saturday, Jan. 8, 2022
12:30 pm – Slopestyle – LIVE on Peacock
9:30 pm – Halfpipe – LIVE on Peacock

Sunday, Jan. 9, 2022
9:30 am – Slopestyle – next-day broadcast on CNBC
1:00 pm – Halfpipe – next-day broadcast on CNBC


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