Bull of the Woods is the FUBU of snowboard contests. It’s for us, by us. The third annual log-riding contest put on by Nightmare Snowboards took place Friday at Carter Park in Breckenridge. As much carnage occurred as you’d imagine, and as much beer was drank as you’d guess.

All photos: Chip Proulx

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If there was a favored rider to take home the Bull of the Woods title it was Austin Julik-Heine, who has spent the last few weeks helping build the course and riding the setup. If you’ve seen Austin ride, you know how laser focused he can get, and the level of mastered insanity he is capable of unleashing on a snowboard. Austin took three notable slams throughout the day — like someone else unstrapping his bindings slams. After the third of said slams, the medics took Austin away and stitched up his bleeding face. He proceeded to throw down, including at heavy back one transfer between the two battleship logs. Pure savagery.

AustinJulik-Heine-inlineAustin Julik-Heine stitched up and transferring.

To no one’s surprise, Nightmare rider Sean Murphy threw down throughout the day, even backflipping over the flat on the battleship rail.

Nightmare's own Sean Murphy hauling ass through the flat-down-flat log.Sean Murphy hauling ass through the flat-down-flat log.

Perhaps the most fun person to watch on a snowskate, ever, Alan Gerlach did what he always does — made bindings look unnecessary — putting down a boardslide flat-down-flat log and 50-50’ing the battleship. A true ambassador of his passion, Alan also had extra snowskates on hand for others to try.

Trollhaugen ripper Mike Skiba was another standout with tricks like a switch 50, cab 270 over top of battleship.

Trollhaugen loc' Mike Skiba was a standout at Bull of the Woods.Mike Skiba pressing tail on the up-flat log.

Alex Andrews gets around, and was in attendance at Bull of the Woods keeping the stoke — or rather, froth — alive.

Kyle Kennedy — not the publisher of Snowboard Magazine — brought his unique brand of Midwest creativity to each feature, including the dual battleship logs, where he 50-50’d up, transferred to the opposite flat, then transferred back to a 50-50 on the down.

Kyle Kennedy put down lots of creative tricks, like this tranny finder on a support log.Kyle Kennedy put down consistently creative tricks, like popping into this tranny finder on a support log.

Chris Sypert is a quiet, subtle dude, but managed to get enough PBR down to earn himself the Beer of the Woods award for drunkest rider.

Also worth noting is Chedda’s drop to flat of a giant PBR can.

Dinosaurs Will Die awarded the rider with the smoothest style the Dinos Award — a Wizard Stick skate deck. That rider turned out to be Ben Elliott, who put down clean tricks on every feature.

BenElliott_BluntStallto5050DownLogBen Elliott, blunt stall, 50-50 down.

After the logs were thrashed and the beer was drank, it was tricks like a hardway cab 270 to fakie on the down-flat log, and a boardslide to lipslide transfer between the adjacent battleship logs that earned Brendan Sullivan top honors at Bull of the Woods. As the Bull of the Woods ought to, Brendan proceeded to party all Friday night, get laid and then a film a clip in the streets today.

BrendanSullivan_BackLip-inlineTricks like this flawless back lip through the down-flat log earned Brendan Sullivan the Bull of the Woods title. Congrats, Brendan!

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