18-year-old Gibson “Gibby” Corcoran hails from Grand Rapids and has been constantly on our radar at rail jams and from his clips online the past two seasons. The Michigan local is easy to spot for his smooth style and always-changing hair popping out of his helmet. Being part of the up-and-coming names that have been coming out of Michigan the past few seasons, we thought we’d get to know the new Never Summer rider with a quick text interview. Enjoy a quick look into Gibby’s season and a whole other type of street boarding we did not know existed. 

What was your home hill?

How’d you get the nickname Gibby? 
I can’t even remember ever since I was little everyone’s called me Gibby. I don’t think most people know that’s not my real name. 

I don’t know if I have heard of Gibson either. Your family from Michigan?
Yeah, my mom grew up in Port Huron and my dad is from Grand Rapids. 

Is it true you used to have dreadlocks? 
Yeah, for three years. 

Were they heavy to snowboard with? Do you feel lighter now without them? 
Definitely lighter now, especially for wakeboarding. Helmet fits a bit better, too.

Oh yeah! Wet hair would be heavy. So you put out a full street wakeboarding part? 
Yeah, I’ve had two now and ones in the works to hopefully drop next spring. 

Are you pro on the wakeboarding side? 
No, but I’m super grateful for the help I get now and hope to get to that level at some point. 

What’s the biggest difference between street snowboarding and wakeboarding?
Snowboarding is way more chill just because you can control how fast you want to go. On a wakeboard, everything is 22 mph or faster just to stay on top of the water, so the falls can be way heavier. 

So are we going to start seeing wild clips from you since it’s easier?
Haha. Just easier to work up to things I feel, but that’s the goal I guess, haha. 

How long has street wake been around? I have not seen it before. 
Honestly I have no clue. Ten years I think? It’s gotten way more mainstream–still super small but every year you see more crews popping up

How much water do you need to land? You ever get sick from that water? 
Never gotten sick but shit’s pretty nasty. We’ve hit spots in ankle deep water but it’s definitely nice not having to worry. 

Instead of snowstorms, you chase hurricanes and stuff during the off season? 
All over the country… but most of our spots are around the Midwest. Probably should be chasing hurricanes. Adding that to the agenda.

Why do you wear clothes instead of bathing suits? 
It’s all for the looks…look good, ride good. 

You haven’t put out any full street part in snowboarding, right? 
Not yet, but I got to film in Michigan a bit this winter and took a trip with Sam Klein, so I’ll have a little part in his new video coming out that I’m super hyped on!

How did you get linked up with Never Summer?
Through Sam Klein this past fall. 

He found you at a rail jam? 
We actually met for the first time surfing in Grand Haven, MI through one of our friends, Homi. 

Oh yeah, I’ve see some of those clips of you as well. How cold is it in Lake Michigan when you are surfing? 
Depends on the season, but the waves are best mid-winter and it’ll get down to below 40 degrees. 

Have you done a Michigan trifecta like everyone always talks about in California and Oregon? Skate, surf, and snowboard all in the same day? 
Not yet, but I need to. Always wanted to try to do that, but swap skating for wakeboarding. 


Haha, all water-based boardsports. Did you surf, wakeboard, or snowboard first? 
Started snowboarding, then wakeboarding, and just picked up surfing these past two years. 

How’s the lake surf scene in Michigan? The Michigan snowboard scene seems to really be on the come up the past few seasons again. 
Hectic at times, but I’ve met some of my closest friends in the water. For me, it’s been amazing! I scored on the friend group we have, and never really have any “board drama.”

Who are some of the riders you’re hyped on from your home state? 
Brett Kulas is is definitely my favorite boarder out of Michigan, but Derek Lemke and Brent Behm are easy seconds. I’d be willing to say they are two of the most underrated snowboarders right now. 

How’d this winter go? 
Super good! Have had a bunch of great opportunities that I’ve gotten to be apart of. And yeah, this year I’ve been able to travel around and meet more people, which has been huge. Heavy Metal was a dream come true for me. That was the biggest event, but also a board shop in the upper peninsula called Rhythm held a rail jam in the streets of Houghton where I got to meet a lot of the best Midwest riders. 

You won that one yeah? 
Yeah. Jibba Jabba up in the UP. 

Why do you think the Michigan scene is producing so much talent right now?
The rope tows. The amount of laps you get is unreal.

How did your street trip with Sam go? 
Amazing! That was the most fun I think I’ve ever had on board! Snowed an insane amount, so we kinda got to do anything we wanted. Trip ended with The Bomb Hole Cup, which was a blast, too. We rode a bunch of pow, building little jumps and hitting trees, but also hit spots in Salt Lake and Park City for his movie. Sam’s definitely been showing me the ropes in the streets and guiding me through what could help me with my future in snowboarding, which I’m super grateful for.

Since you dye your hair a lot, do you think it is true blondes have more fun? 
You stumped me. I don’t know how to answer that one. Am I too young to get this?

Haha, I am too old. Thought that would still be culturally somewhat relevant. What board you running all season? 
Never Summer’s Proto Ultra all year. Love that board.

What do you like about the boards? 
Mostly the durability. I haven’t needed to set up a new one yet this season. I also feel way more comfortable on that board. I never feel like I’m gonna slip out on jumps or overcook a press.

[Long break in answering questions.]

Oh, are you still in school? 
No, I started homeschooling in seventh grade and finished high school when I was like 16. I started doing a couple college classes a year after that. Just been boarding a lot this week. 

Where do you work, again? 
In the winters I’ve been doing park crew at Cannonsburg and in the summer I detail cars and help with the social media at the wake park. 

Did you start homeschooling due to snowboarding? 
Yeah, I brought it up to my parents and went to Colorado that same winter for almost a month with my mom. It made traveling so much easier, being able to do work while on the road. 

Were you competing?
I was trying to, haha. Just doing USASA, but that was the same winter COVID hit and since then, I’ve been more stoked on trying to film street and just having fun at the resort. 

You ever going to move out West? 
After that past Utah trip it’s been on my mind a lot recently. The scene is just so heavy there and the amount of snow is crazy.

Favorite boarders? 
Austin Vizz in the park and Brett Kulas in the streets. Kulas was a Cannonsburg local, so knowing that he’s from where I‘ve grown up is super sick. Also, I love Denver Orr’s boarding a lot. 

You kind of look like an even younger Denver Orr. That’s it.