Maxence Parrot and Miyabi Onitsuka win the 6Star Big Air at O’Neill Evolution

Women’s Podium: (L-R) Christine Szumovski, Miyabi Onitsuka, Celia Miller | Photo: Frode Sandbech

Davos, 19 January 2013 – 14 year old Miyabi Onitsuka (JAP) and Maxence Parrot (CAN) took the Big Air win today at O’Neill Evolution in Davos, Switzerland. Both earning a 1000 points on the World Snowboard Tour ranking, Miyabi summed up the atmosphere of the day with her comment on her win: “It’s happy happy happy!”

Miyabi Onitsuka | Photo: Frode Sandbech

Miyabi grabbed every spectator’s attention with her first run, a huge frontside 360 with a Lipslide and frontboard on the rail section. She earned 80.20 points, and the win. Second placed Christine Szumovski (AUT) and third placed Celia Miller (Left | Photo: Frode Sandbech) (USA) weren’t able to come any nearer in following runs, scoring points no higher than 66.60 and 62.20 respectively. All girls were throwing big, technical tricks, but weren’t able to land them clean.

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After the women’s final and in anticipation of the men’s spectacle in the evening, Gian Simmen organized a Legends Session, with a big list of distinguished names still sending it in the Halfpipe. Among them we saw Xaver Hoffman, Nici Pederzolli, World Snowboard Tour judge Guillome Morriset and Pascal Imhoff. It was a genuine tribute to a rich history of competitive snowboarding, firing up the spectators for today’s main event. Henry Jackson: “We should organize a Legends World Snowboard Tour. What we saw here today, every single person riding in this session, has influenced snowboarding in some major way. It was emotional and fun to sort of reminisce, and then seeing the future of snowboarding’s progression happen right next to us at the same time.”

Men’s Podium | Photo: David Birri

Progression was the key word in the Men’s Big Air contest. Maxence Parrot won today with his 3rd run, nailing the Backside 1440 Triple Cork Mute – Boardslide – Backside Lipslide. This rarely seen trick was a big treat for the huge crowd in Davos.

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Giving everybody a taste of his intentions in the training earlier this week, he commented on his performance: “I just landed the cleanest triple cork in my life and i am stoked. I learned this trick only three days ago, and I wasn’t even stressed about doing it, but when I landed it, I was shaking, and worried a little about the rail section. I am so happy it all went well and I just won the biggest contest in my life.” 15 year old Kyle Mack (USA) and Emil Ulsletten (NOR) joined Maxence on the podium, really challenging Maxence in the superfinal after his first run. Kyle attempted to beat Maxence with an extremely stylish Triple Rodeo Indy 1440 – Backside Lipslide – Frontside Noseblunt to Fakie, a trick never performed in a contest before.

Kyle Mack Photo: Photo: David Birri

Emil rounded up the podium, his second run being enough to climb up into third spot and stay there.

Winning here put Maxence in 6th place on the World Snowboard Tour Big Air ranking, and Antoine Truchon in first place. The Big Air Champion will be crowned at the Billabong Air& Style in Innsbruck in two weeks, let’s see if Canadian Antoine can hold his top spot. Emil Ulsletten with his 3rd place managed to climb to the 3rd spot on the Big Air rankings as well.

Kyle Mack is now placed 2nd on the Overall rankings.


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