MFG: YESnowboards


Romain De Marchi | Photo: Jerome Tanon

Unlike some companies, YES’s business model does not depend on demographic research and subliminal advertising strategies. They do not rely on trends, gimmicks or hype to sell their product. Instead, their tactics employ a policy based on dedication to snowboarding and what they think is good for the sport.

Founded by three riders who drove freestyle snowboarding into the realm of the unreal, who then progressed it into the unpredictable and varied terrain of the backcountry and who both on and off the slopes have embodied every aspect of what it is to be a snowboarder–YES is a brand grounded in passion.

This company’s decisions are dependent on what David Carrier-Porcheron, Romain de Marchi and JP Solberg agree upon, not some cubicle bound marketing whiz. With Tadashi Fuse and Trevor “TRZA” Andrew now flying the YES flag (as if they needed more cred), they have solidified their name as the leader of independent, riderowned and operated snowboard companies. As DCP says, “YES represents all of us and what we love–pure snowboarding – it’s what we are all about.”

In a word or two describe each of your YES-mates.

JP Solberg:
Tadashi: Silent ninja.
Romain: Loud ninja.
DCP: Motivated ninja.
Trza: Classic ninja.

Romain de Marchi:
Tadashi: Wise. Strong.
DCP: Energetic. Passionate.
JP: Positive. Determined.
Trza: Creative. Original.

Tadashi: Tranny finder.
Romain: Explosive.
JP: Smooth.
Trza: Driven.

What does YES offer snowboarding?

JP: Unfiltered snowboarding.

Romain: YES is what we are together as a collective group of different minded people that perceive the same vision of snowboarding.

DCP: I believe YES offers snowboarding a return to its true essence. We are a true pro rider- driven and operated company. We offer fun and passion, and we offer a great product at a reasonable price. This season we’re cutting our margins to ensure that all of our customers are happy and able to afford to go snowboarding! 

Anything different or new that YES is doing that we should know about?

JP: Look out for next year’s line, it’s gonna be nuts, seriously! Trevor will be adding more flavor to the mix, but since he’s busy as fuck with his music it takes a minute to bring to life. He’s an OG though and we can afford to wait on that! Oh yeah, and after millions of tons of pressure I’m
on twitter now, go figure!

Romain: We will start doing more stuff online in the beginning of next season, and we are releasing our movie for free on our website. 

DCP: We are making a movie this year. Make sure to come and see it at a premier or follow our website for [the] online release. Limited Edition [copies] will also be available from select retailers.

What is YES. it’s a Movie?

JP: It’s a movie with no direction, all we did was travel to rad places and shred what was laid out in front of us. We eat the food, drink the wine, meet the people and take that extra step deeper than most crews. To me it just feels like a fresh breath in the otherwise anticipated movies and adventures…. We wanted to show what we are about! 

Romian: Just a little side project we made with the boys to show how we perceive snowboarding and what it represents for us.

DCP: It represents the season we all had and the adventures that took place in the 10/11 season for the YES team.


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