Mike Liddle Turns Pro For Arbor!

A big weekend for Mike Liddle in Minnesota!

It is about damn time! Mike Liddle turned pro for Arbor this past weekend after The Impaler dropped their newest movie at Trollhaugen on Friday night in Wisconsin. Earning him nods for the ’22 Rider of The Year conversation, Mike’s part is an obvious must watch that should be dropping any week now on the internet. Mike has been creating stand out parts in Impaler projects for quite some time, as well as early projects with Bald E-Gal productions, and more recent movies like Melodrama, Cosa Nostra, and Veer. Celebrated across the community, this announcement was a long time coming

As far as premieres go, Troll and Arbor know how to host. They had free pizza and beer for all, and even lift tickets to ride after! Thanks to Late Night Fridays (riding under the lights and open until 3AM) the whole crew rode past midnight in the famed Lord of The Ropes arena and then slowly started heading for the border. 

Elm creek with Mike Liddle Elm Creek!

On Saturday, the Liddle weekend in the Midwest continued. Mike took us to his local shop in Anoka, MN, (Pinewskis has everything if you are in the area) for a little more celebrating and over to Elm Creek to where he had his first job in the dining hall. Elm holds a special place in his heart, noting that he met his future wife while salting pretzels at the small hill. Mike’s old manager was actually there and remembered him (or at least said she did) and was stoked to let him behind the grill to make some chili cheese fries for old time’s sake. Huge thanks to Mr. Liddle for the all time tow rope town tour, capped off with 4$ late night cocktails at a TGIFridays. And you know what they say, “You only turn pro once, so spend it at TGIFridays.” Watch some of Mike’s past parts below! 

Look at that form! Mike Liddle’s got it!
Minnesota don Joe Sexton approves of TGIFridays. p: Dave Marx

Check out more from the Arbor team here! 


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