Zeal Optics’ new Ellume lens is built with plant-based technology

Lenses made from plants—what a time to be alive. Zeal’s new Ellume collection used a plant-based polymer lens construction to continue taking responsibility for the company’s impact on the environment. Available across nearly Zeal’s entire line, you will see the quality and feel good wearing them too. Get all of the details below.

Check out all of Zeal’s Ellume styles here.

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From Zeal Optics:

Zion, Yosemite, Denali – it’s time to add a new otherworldly destination to the lexicon. Welcome to Ellume, a land where the oceans are clean, the air is fresh and climate change is nonexistent.

How to procure a plane ticket to this fantastical location? Ellume can be reached by wearing one of Zeal Optics stylish and functional frames, outfitted with the Ellume lens, a plant-based piece of optical technology designed for everyday performance in all light conditions. Built with polarization and color enhancers, the Ellume lens helps you see the world in vivid clarity, while reducing environmental impact.

Your guide to Ellume:

  • Plant Based: While other lenses use a petroleum-based polymer, Ellume is constructed of plant-based materials allowing for higher purity. This results in a lighter finished lens for comfort and all day performance.
  • Polarized Protection: Glare dulls color, blurs detail and fatigues your eyes. ZEAL polarized lenses are built to battle glare and block all UVA/B/C rays so you see truer color and experience enhanced comfort and clarity.
  • Color Enhancers: We live for color and that is why we engineer our lenses to control specific wavelengths of visible light. Our lenses eliminate color confusion so you see color more vividly with a higher level of contrast and greater depth perception.
  • Impact Resistant: We understand the rigors of an active lifestyle so we built our lens with proprietary materials for added impact resistance to ensure that no matter your adventure, we will protect you.



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