Mason Lemery Blackstrap

Mason Lemery is arguably the hottest “it kid” in snowboarding right now. The latest addition to the BlackStrap team burst onto the scene two years ago via the Bend boys’ Instagram accounts and since, his career has taken the fuck off. Through the channels of Ben Ferguson, Jared Elston and Gabe Ferguson, the world bore witness to a hard partyin’ and ever harder chargin’ kid from Vermont that was ripping around Mt. Bachelor with reckless abandon and backflipping off of downtown buildings in Bend with little regard for his own safety. Since then, though, Mason has proven that he is one of the preeminent talents in the game and his ever-growing sponsor list is proof of that statement. This kid may very well be the Crown Prince of Bend, Oregon. The heir to the throne. Someone whom Jared Elston refers to as, “The man that drank enough Monster to become one,” and, “He lost his last fuck to give around 2018.” Gabe Ferguson claims that “He lost my car keys in the backcountry this year…” But as loose as Jar is, he’s calculated in his career path, and though he plays to the party boy scene, he’s as talented a rider as we’ve witnessed in recent memory. He’s one of my favorite people to shoot photos with because he goes bigger than everyone and his heart is as kind as the bud he inhales. This is a quick catch-up with the reigning Rookie of the Year, Mason Lemery.—T. Bird

“He has snowboard royalty in his blood, and is just starting to tap into his true potential on the board.” —Ben Ferguson

Can I hit you with some questions to answer today my man?
Sure! I’m in the air rn.

Like, on your snowboard or in a plane?
Hahaha. Plane. Having landing gear issues MAYDAY!

Wanna do the interview right now via text while you’re flying?
Hahaha I’m down for whatever 🤙🏽.

So where are you coming from right now?
Coming from Oslo! I went to Sven’s event in Sweden and then Mikkel’s banked slalom up in Norway! We sent it hard last night before the flight. You know the program, lol.

I do know the program. Sven’s event and Mikkel’s Bang Slalom looked so sick. What was the best part of each of those events?
For Sven’s event I would say hanging with Judd, Dusty and the homie Jack. I don’t really ride park that much so it was cool to switch it up. Judd and I were pretty drained so we went inside to roll a doobie and listen to some metal. It gave us this spark to go out before anyone else and start a hip sesh on our own which was all time! And for Mikkel’s it was rad hanging with his homies and the course was mad fun. Both the Baker banked and my uncle’s got canceled because of a lack of snow in the states this year so it was cool to get one in!

I was just in your town for Red Bull Landing Gear. We missed you. That event was basically designed for you.
I know! I wish I was there but wanted to take advantage of the opportunity that Monster let me have and figured a Red Bull event instead their’s may not be a good look right off the bat, lol.

You’re figuring it out, buddy. That’s dope that you have some new sponsors. List off your sponsors for me.
Basically a Nascar driver now it’s crazy 🤪. We got Rainier, Monster, 686, Ride, Giro, Tactics, BlackStrap, Tokyo Starfish, Nixon, Autumn, and One Ball.

So you’re never thirsty, cold, sober or sunburnt?
No, but definitely horny.

Hahahahaha. But for real, man, congrats. How did it feel to win Rookie of the Year this year?
Thanks man, it’s all still blowing my mind. I feel very lucky and fortunate to have been able to surround myself with the right crews and friends. Definitely wouldn’t be anywhere without them! 

Ben Ferg just texted me a question: “Ask him if he wants to come to the house and play landscaper later. It’s time for a pond install.”
That would be rad, love helping that guy out. Just as long as he supplies beers 🤙🏽.

I’m sure he will. What’s your summer looking like now that the season is coming to a close?
Man, I’m really all over the place and never know my next move. But for now I think I’m moving houses right when I get back to Bend and maybe driving home to Vermont sometime in June for a few months. I need to spend more time with family. My sister has a baby girl so it’s gonna be sick to spend time with her and help my uncle out with his new tree company!

That’s amazing, man. Final question. You’re one of the newest athletes on BlackStrap and they’ve been making moves this winter, which is rad. What’s the best use of a balaclava in the summertime? Sun protection?
Hmmm, that’s a good question. We used one to cover our homie Sam’s air intake on his sled so we could get it out of the backcountry after hitting a tree, but for summertime…maybe robbing banks or to cover up from saw dust.

Hahahahahahaha. You’re the man, Jar. I’m damn proud of you, buddy. I’ll hit you up when I’m out in Bend this summer!