Mike Yoshida and Mark Clavin were on hill to photograph for the Dew Tour this past weekend and we sifted through all their shots to find a few favorites. Ayumu’s air, Patti’s interviews, Danny Davis being Danny Davis and even Red Gerard taking some laps through the pipe before he ended up too sick to compete. Plenty of highlights to watch on the replay of the livestreams, and plenty of photos to check out below. 

Nate Haust. p: Mark Clavin
Danny Davis. p: Mike Yoshida
Sonny Alba. p: Mike Yoshida
Patti Zhou. p: Mark Clavin
Benny Milam, bottom up. p: Mark Clavin
Benny Milam, top down. p: Mike Yoshida
Iris Pham. p: Mark Clavin
Sam Klein. p: Mark Clavin
Raibu Katayam. p: Mike Yoshida
Grace Warner. p: Mike Yoshida
Patti Zhou. p: Mark Clavin
Red Gerard. p: Mark Clavin

And with all the photos, we even posted a quick poll on the ‘gram to see which angle of Ayumu’s air was better liked by the public and it led to some pretty interesting points from fellow photogs Andrew Miller and Tim Zimmerman. 

“Long lens for big airs will always win. The whole point for a fisheye is to make small stuff look bigger. Doesn’t give the proper scale of the air justice. IMO.” Andrew Miller’s opinion holds a good amount of weight if you have seen what he shoots up at Mammoth and around the world. Tim Zim chimed in as well backing the long lens angle stating: “My problem with this fisheye shot is that there is so much deck in the foreground that it diminishes the height of the air. A fisheye can make huge airs look even bigger but only if you’re able to maximize the amount of sky between the deck & the rider. So, in this battle I’m going long lens.” Maybe we will do more photo battles moving forward. Get some positive discussion in the comment sections going. Keep an eye out for them!