Peaks on Peaks: Zeb Powell on JBL’s Snow Show at Park City

Zeb Powell gives his quick thoughts on JBL's Peaks On Peaks event.

It is a simple observation, but fashion and snowboarding have always intersected. It can be as small as the kit choice a rider puts on to film a clip, to as large as New York Fashion Week when a model struts down a runway with a board… but it is always around. And somewhere on that sliding scale of fashion and snowboarding, JBL concocted a new intersection with their “Peaks On Peaks” event a few weeks back in Park City. Part runway show, part slopestyle run, part jam format: JBL brought together athletes and influential personalities during the Salt Lake NBA All Star weekend last month to show off some new product and different riding styles. 

Red Gerard in on the action. Red Gerard in on the action. p: Brian Nevins

A brainchild of Russell Winfield and JBL, the two came up with an expression session jam featuring the audio company’s newest team member Zeb Powell as well as fellow pros Red Gerard, Hailey Langland, Brock Crouch, and more. They swapped the runway for a slopestyle course and debuted one-off outerwear pieces from popular artist Travis Spinks alongside the new Endurance Peak 3 bluetooth earbuds. By all accounts, the day was a blast, and the headphones were a big hit. We caught up with Zeb a few days later to get his impression of the whole thing. 

JBL - Hailey Langland Hailey Langland. p: Brian Nevins

What did you think of the Peaks On Peaks event? 
Zeb Powell: I thought it was cool for snowboarding. It was different, not just another regular event. No scores, just kind of riding with friends and adding our own flavor to show off. Russell put the rider list together and the course was pretty fun, definitely got a little hectic.

Most importantly, since this was a headphone fashion show as well, did your headphones fall out? 
Haha, no. They work great. 

So do they speakers So do the speakers. p: Brian Nevins

We going to see more of these events in the future? 
Hopefully! JBL is providing support for the community and all that, which is great to see… and we are putting our heads together to figure out more collaborations. 

Watch the full event replay below and keep scrolling to read our take on the new Endurance Peak 3 earbuds. 

Joey Fava enjoying the Endurance Peak 3.0 on the bonus heli day. p: Brian Nevins

So we had a few pairs of headphones sent to our crew to test out while traveling and riding these past few weeks and we have to say, they are a pretty solid option. The wrap around style keeps them safe in your ear, and the battery holds up well in the cold. Having the option to keep or block out your surroundings with the Ambient Aware feature is nice to hear everything from gate changes in the airport to other riders on the mountain. They also come in black, which is a plus if you drop them out of your pocket and need to actually find them in the snow (not to mention the waterproof rating can withstand any amount of snow that you could possibly expose them to if tomahawking through powder). Simply put, we are big fans. Keep an eye out for more coming from JBL in the snow world. 




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