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I met Luke Mitrani back in something like 2005. He and his dad came into 118 Boardshop where I used to work on Hollywood Boulevard. The cute smiling kid was skating for some random Mountain Dew show that was on TV at the time. I remember it so vividly because all his dad kept telling me was how his son was sponsored by Burton and how Luke was going to blow up. He was already competing a bunch, and when I looked him up on the www, for a 14-year-old, the kid was ruling.

Six years later the 20-year-old East Coast native has not only grown taller, he's evolved into one of the best snowboarders in the superpipe game. This season's been a big one for "Squid". He's placed at a handful of major events, most notably at the final Dew Tour stop a few weeks back. Luke landed the highest scoring pipe run in Dew history, taking first place honors. Little bro to another superpipe star, Jack, Luke is making a solid name for himself with a little help from his Frends. Now a Tahoe loc, livin' in Truckee at Danny Davis' pad, Luke talks with us about winning Dew Tour, music and making moves out of the pipe.


Let's relive a few weeks ago…Snowbasin Dew Tour. Walk us through the day and your runs.

Since the contest was at night, I just chilled and had a relaxing day. Once the contest began, it was all fun from there — a good crowd with lots of energy. I was psyched to do well cause I didn't do so hot at the last stops.

My run was:
Dub chuck first hit
fs 9
back 5
front 10
cab dub 10

Had you ever landed that run before?

I've landed all the tricks, but not sure if I've ever linked them all together? hmm..

Were you listening to music during your runs? And if so what song?

Well my last practice run my iPod flew out of my pocket and broke, so unfortunately I didn't. I remember getting down to the bottom and they were playing a Cream song that I requested. Good jams.


What were your first thoughts after your run?

I fell on the last hit of my first run. In all honesty I wasn't too bummed. I just got back up and saw Jack go massive and I just wanted to ride. I didn't really care about placing or anything.

What was your first thoughts when the score was announced after your second?

Party time

How pumped are you that you now hold the record for the highest score in Dew Tour Superpipe?

Scores are just numbers. I don't really care about having the highest number. I'm just more pumped on shredding with good homies. Although the 15 G's is nice. Ha.


What's next on the agenda this season?

I was just in Jackson filming with Volcom, then going to Mammoth, then Revelstoke. I'm happy to not have to do any more pipe contests until the US Open, which is my favorite comp.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I know you like to make music.

All I do is listen to music. Nothing is better than the sounds of different instruments making one good jam. I also like to skateboard, party and relax. I skate as much as I can. I always bring a skateboard and a guitar with me, wherever I go.

What age did you start snowboarding?

I think I was 7.


Any upcoming projects on you wanna tell us about?

Me and Jack were talking about doing brother rivalries. I can't explain it, you'll have to watch it on frendsvision when it's done. 😉

Are you filming at all this season?

My goal is to film with Keegan [Valaika's] movie… and also film with Volcom.

Sponsor shout outs: Amp energy, Mammoth, Volcom, Dragon and Frends…thank you all for everything.

Anything else you want to add?

Find your zen.


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