In the latest installment of Personalities, East Coast phenom Pat Moore gives us the insight on his recent attempt to break the quarterpipe height record, currently held by legend Terje Haakonsen.

Pat is known to set his sights high (literally) and the recent quarterpipe session is a testament to that. While last season proved a doozy due to an injury, this season looks to be Pat's most notable, filming for several projects including Forum's Vacation and Brain Farm's The Art of Flight (watch the trailer).

Catch up with the other redheaded prodigy on everything from why you have to get up and try again and what's on his summer agenda.

Photos by Ian Ruhter


So everyone was buzzing about you trying to break the height record at Copper last month. How did that come about and what was the experience like?

BUZZZZZZard. The quarterpipe has been my idea for a long time. After going to Arctic Challenge a bunch of years back and seeing Terje do his air, I knew that 10 meters was possible. The whole experience was awesome. I got to invite whoever I wanted. The QP was insane and Red Bull hooked it up.

I know the weather wasn't cooperating too well. How did the conditions affect your attempt?

Man this is sounding more like a stunt when you put it like that. Yea the weather sucked for the first couple of days. We had five or so days in the books for filming, but we really only got one good day so that was frustrating. With quarterpipes I like to take my time and warm up. I don't know if I really got that with the weather. But all in all I don't think it affected anything. QP contests sometimes only give riders an hour to warm up and an hour for the contest, so haveing multiple days was ideal.

Who where the riders that got the invite?

For riders we had Luke and Jack Mitrani, Shayne Pospisil, Peter Line, Austen Sweetin, Chad Otterstrom and Pat Bridges.

What was the outcome? I know you got hurt, but was it serious?

Well I didn't do it, obviously, but I gave it a solid shot. Terje's record is 32.1 feet and I got somewhere around 30. I felt really confident when I was trying it, I just decked out the smallest amount, maybe three or so inches, but from 30 feet it was pretty brutal. At the end of the day all I did was fracture my pelvis. I was super lucky. I think if I was more on the deck all of the slam would have gone to my knees or back.

Will you try again if you have the chance?

Yea. I mean, I'm not out there on the hunt to get the elusive 10 meter air. I have a lot of other things in snowboarding going on, but if there is a sick QP and a session going on then yes it's something I'd be stoked to do. I'm not going to go out and build a quarterpipe and train all year until I do it, that's just not what it's about.

For this we set up the best scenario to have a sick session and that's one thing I'm really proud of out of the entire production. All of the riders who came were really stoked and had a lot of fun. That means a lot to me.


Did you or the guys get any shots on the QP at all?

Yea we got a lot of shots. My air will definitely be in my part for Forum new movie Vacation, and we filmed a half hour TV show. After I got hurt the other guys had a sick session and got a bunch of tricks filmed too. That's the part that really bums me out. I missed the fun sesh with everyone once the QP got soft.

How did the season pan out for you?

The season went well. I was on the road the most I've ever been. I got to film back in New Hampshire for the first time in a while and I also got to go out with Travis Rice and Bjorn Leines for a little bit. That was insane. I learned a lot from them. Also, just filming with the Forum guys again after having a season off was awesome. Our crew of riders, filmers and photogs are super tight so that's always a good time. I'm excited to see how everything turns out for everyone.

What are some of your highlights?

Probably our trip to the East Coast and filming up in Whistler at the end of the year. Also, just walking away from the QP slam. That was some scary shit and I'm happy with how things turned out.

How did this season compare to past seasons?

Every winter is different—crews, snow, injuries, so it's hard to compare, but it went well. I got some more stories to tell.

What's the plan this spring/summer?

Right now I'm just waiting for my body to heal up. I'll be back in New Hampshire and out at High Cascade. Skate with my friends, hang with my family, go down to Livermore Falls and jump off cliffs. We're raising money for a skatepark (in New Hampshire) right now so I'll be helping with that also.

What videos can the fans look for you in this fall?

I'll have a part in Forum's new video called Vacation and also some stuff in The Art of Flight if I make the cut.


Anything else you wanna get off your mind?

Nope, got nothing left in there! Hi Mom! If anyone is interested in donating to the Plymouth Skatepark contact me. Kip Garre RIP, a true East Coast Legend! My condolences to his family and close friends.

Sponsor shoutouts

OHHHHH yea. Big thank you to Red Bull for helping me with the Quarterpipe and Ryan Runke for helping me in and out of the hospital after I got hurt. Thank you to Forum and Foursquare for doing another video. Thank you Electric for making my ugly face look cool. Thank you Volcom for coming out to Copper and for keeping my clothes stoned. Thank you Eastern Boarder and Waterville Valley for all your help with Back to the Boneyard 3. And thank you ASS Industries for keeping me going fASSt.