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Stevie Bell & Cam Pierce's full part from F' it

You hadn't really been snowboarding that long when you first got on Forum, right?
Ya, I think I had been riding for like 4-5 years before Forum.

What was that like, filming with JP and one of the best teams in snowboarding right off the bat?
It was a little intimidating, but fun. Everyone was cool and we always had good film sessions. I learned a lot from the vets on the team.

This will be year 6 filming with Forum. How have things changed, and how have you changed in how you look at filming a part? 
When I started filming I was only 19, traveling around having fun with no stress. But, now I'm older and I realize snowboarding is about more than just snowboarding. There are a lot of aspects that tie into making or breaking someones career.


What was the best rail trip so far this year?
I can't say the location, (laughs) but I went on a trip with Jake Welch, Niko Cioffi and Cam Peirce that was a really good trip. Everyone was landing their tricks left and right, but what made the trip dope wasn't all the rails we found to hit but rather all the fun features we discovered.

Living in Salt Lake, I think a bunch of people expect you to be a rail guy. What are your thoughts on being in the backcountry?
Ha, typical. I love the streets but it's not really snowboarding. You strap in, hit a feature, stop and do it again. The total riding time is 5-10 seconds so you forget what it's like to take turns and actually ride your snowboard. The backcountry is fun because you get to make pow turns and take long runs or hit jumps which is fun.


What can we expect out of you this coming year? Are you working on any quadruple flips?
Umm, I don't know about any quad-flips. I'll leave that for X Games kids (get em Vito). I have had a good healthy year and I'm positive everyone will be stoked on not only my part but everyone else's in the video.

There is a shot on of your Dad with a gun. I almost pissed myself laughing when I saw the shot. Do you want to explain this? 
Ha! Yeah, so I was out of town for a minute and missed my dad's birthday. I rolled over to the house unexpected and he answers the door with his guns out. I started dying laughing. I said to him, "Dad, you don't live in LA anymore." He replied, "Yeah, but I'm always prepared if someone tries coming threw my door at night." Man, I was on the floor laughing. So funny!

Were you the class clown in School?
Not really. I was the kind of quiet kid in the back of the class looking at skate mags.


Where does all of your energy come from?
My parents have been asking me that for years and I have no idea. If I knew I would make an energy drink out of it.

stevie_kkk.jpgOn another note. You've always been pretty out spoken about racial issues and stereotyping. Do you want to explain why?

Ever since I started this whole snowboard thing I have been dealing with it. But it doesn't bother me anymore. I could give a fuck about a stereotype, haha!

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