Places I've Been Snowboarding Miles Fallon Quiksilver

Miles Fallon came back early from an injury this year because he didn’t want to miss a chance to be on screen alongside Travis Rice in the upcoming Quiksilver team movie, Sequencer. (Don’t worry, his knee is all good.) It was a good call because as of today, it has amassed over 1 million views on YouTube. At just 22 years old, the New Jersey native is part of the up-and-coming guard that is venturing from the streets into the backcountry, and thanks to mentors like Austen Sweetin, Arthur Longo, and plenty more willing to take the relaxed, soon-to-be-seasoned rider under their wing, things are going real well. With a few strong parts under his belt and plenty more on the way, we wanted to get some of Miles’ favorite spots written down for posterity’s sake, as he keeps adding “lit” locations to his list in his rising career. – Mark Clavin

Miles Fallon Quiksilver Snowboarding Sequencer Street Snowboarding
Miles in Michigan. p: Clavin

“The little town in the little valley, it’s so sick. It’s surrounded by mountains; the views are amazing and you have the glacier, Mont Blanc, just shining her energy everywhere through the valley. And my favorite people live in Chamonix—aka Arthur Longo. Shout out. It’s always a good time following him around and eating dank food and drinking great wine. We started this collective group called The Anti-Swish Collective with the boys. We were just shredding on the mountain and we were asked, “Yo, do you guys know how to DJ?” I don’t, but I have this DJ app on my phone and I’m pretty shit at it. But I just said, “Yes.” I did a two-hour set in the middle of Olivier [Gittler]and Arthur at a small, lit club. it was a great night. Fuckin’ free drinks, tips, just good-ass energy. It was fun.” – Miles Fallon

“Japan has a special place in my heart. The culture is so rich and the landscape is beautiful and the people and food… I was fortunate enough to go there last winter after getting cleared from my knee injury, tearing my ACL and stuff. So that was the first place I went to hop on my snowboard again, and it was just perfect. The snow in Niseko is so insane. It’s like you’re on a street trip, but you’re just driving through the valley, looking at little pillow zones, tree jumps, or little lines to rip. It’s so sick and everything is visible from the road. I love it there so much. The resorts are pretty fun, as well. Get naked and hop in that onsen and just vibe out. The toilets in Japan are so goated. They quite literally shit on the toilets here.”

Places I've Been Snowboarding Miles Fallon Quiksilver
More Miles in Michigan. p: Clavin

“The day I got home from Japan, Sam Sosnowski called me up about a trip filming for the Quicksilver video, and said I had the opportunity to go to Canada and go ride a heli. I packed up all my stuff and my sled and drove fourteen hours to Nelson the next day. We went to this place called Kaslo and it was so dope. The people there are fucking sick, the food was dope in Nelson, and the snow is insane. Kaslo has Stellar Heli, some super, world class heli place (thanks to Austen Sweetin for hooking it up). Besides the pillow factory and heli-boarding, there’s this place called The Sentinel, where if you’re trying to get a little trippy, you can go book an alternative medicine little session.”

“I’m always traveling to cold places, so it’s really nice to switch it up and go somewhere warm. Go surf and just vibe, not wear a jacket and get sunburned. Puerto Rico is so dope. it’s in America but you definitely get vibes that you’re not in America. We rented a Jeep and surfed along the coast. I might marry a Puerto Rican girl one day. They’re beautiful, super lit and they make dank food. We were trying to get some more bud off this guy and he invited us to his house at like 11pm. Not our best move, but we did it. He’s like, “I made you like this traditional Puerto Rican dish.” It’s just a fish’s head with plantains chopped up in this boiling water. He dishes out this meal. I feel obligated to eat it. It was so gnarly. Then the guy’s like, “Alright, I got you guys some kush. Can you do me a favor?” And I was like, What? My buddy said, “Sure.” it’s midnight now and it’s dark and we’re in Puerto Rico and we don’t really know this fool. All in all, we drove him pretty far in the dark to get a car. Not sure if it was his, but he kept putting more shit in our car. I just took it all out and bailed.”

Miles Fallon Snowboarding Interview, Quiksilver

“This is my place where I come from. I wasn’t born there, but I was raised there, for sure. I’m a Jersey Shore cat, exit 82. My family lives there. The beaches are beautiful. In the summertime, it’s kind of a sleeper. We have the best pizza in the world, hands down. Best bagels, that’s a fact. And the surf’s kind of sick in the winter. It gets pretty insane. And Mountain Creek’s really dope. Those are just my people over there. We just tell you how it is. It’s pretty sick and I love it. It’s my home.”

“I went there on a trip this winter. It’s cold as hell, but it’s beautiful, for sure. We were at Marquette’s right on Lake Superior and it’s kind of like an ocean, which took me by surprise. Sick street spots. It’s a little college town, so there’s some fun bars and stuff we went there on St. Patrick’s Day for a big night. I slept above a dispensary, which was convenient.”

“It is sick down under. I went there for a Holy Bowly a while back. The flight to get there, first of all, that shit sucks, but once you’re there, it’s sick. Jindabyne is right on this lake and it’s a little ski town that’s pretty fun. They like to party down there. I was with Kevin Backstrom and he’s the GOAT. Ladies love him. Hella kangaroos down there. You see more dead ones than you see ones alive, and they have these wombats that are fucking crazy—they’re like little brick houses if you hit it with your car. Southern hemisphere is pretty sick. And Australian chicks are dope. I was there for this party in Thredbo called the Full Moon Party, which is hella sick. I highly recommend it. It’s like their end-of-the-year party. There’s a full moon out and it’s fucking lit. Oh, I met Brian Iguchi there for the first time too, which was the shit. Not at the full moon party, at a different party. But that was the shit, dude.”