Platinum Picks – Shapes: Burton Family Tree 3D Double Dog

The Double Dog is built to point it.

Built to point it, the Burton Family Tree 3D Double Dog feels just like your trusty cambered board but offers a 3D shape and host of features that make it incredibly versatile as conditions on the mountain change. Underfoot, the Double Dog has traditional camber, which makes for a lively feel on take offs and side hits, as energy is transferred from the waist of the board out through the tail. This cambered section is shorter than your average board, though, as the Double Dog’s nose begins to scoop up just in front of the Infinite Channel. As the nose rises, the board’s core takes on a 3D shape where tunnels in the base near each edge help direct soft snow as the Double Dog begins to plane. At the centerline of the nose, it has a definite spoon shape, which lets the board take on a whole new heat-seeking character in deeper snow.

p: Mike Basher

At the tail of the Double Dog, just outside of the positive camber contact points, the underside of the core is formed into a tunnel hull, which continues to channel snow into a pocket, creating higher pressure as you pump the tail through slush and powder. On groomers, the Double Dog rides like a happy, powerful, slightly narrow, slightly short-cambered board. It’s when you get outside of the realm of your typical conditions where the Double Dog’s alter ego really starts to become apparent. Maybe the Batman-esque look of the Double Dog is a nod to Bruce Wayne—two completely different characters, wrapped up into one badass package. – Mike Basher and TJ Kern

Burton Family Tree 3D Double Dog – $659.95
sizes: 152, 158, 164

p: Mike Basher


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