Platinum Picks: The 9 best snowboard bindings of 2012/2013

Editor’s Note: 2015 gear has arrived! View the best snowboards, the best women’s snowboards, the best snowboard bindings and more in our 2015 Snowboard Gear Guide.

The Platinum Picks is our guide to the newest and most interesting products of the season. It is not a product test, rather a look around the industry to see who is pushing design, materials, fashion and technology. I don’t believe in product tests. How is something that works for me, or a random group of riders supposed to translate into what is right for each of you? I’d much rather tell you about the things that are available and let you decide what’s right for you. Our staff could go out and ride a bunch of new products and tell you what we think rode the best, but what is that going to tell you really?

I may not get a chance to ride at your local resort or wherever you plan on riding this season. Who am I to tell you what the best product is for you? With that, here are our Platinum Picks. It’s a selection of boards, boots and bindings made by companies that are pushing the boundaries to bring you better products each year.

– Editor

Burton Genesis

In 1985 Burton created its first buckle binding — an impressive innovation for the time but nothing compared to the goods the brand is putting out today. New for 2013, the Genesis integrates some of Burton’s proven technologies and some of its finest new ones. Read the entire review…

Flow NX2 GT Binding

Snowboarders regularly stare down features that stir up intense fear and excitement — an 80-foot jump that has riders clamping their ratchets tighter the length of the in run. Read the entire review…

GNU Backdoor Binding

“Are we going to do this, or are you going to fumble a round for an hour?” We have all heard that question in one context or another. When it comes to snowboarding, even the most experienced shredders still dumb dick around with their bindings from time to time. Read the entire review…

K2 Company IPO Binding

The history of skateboarding was written with the invention of urethane. Without it, skateboards may still be rolling around on wood or metal wheels. By embracing and adapting the success of the revolutionary material, K2 introduces the Company IPO. Read the entire review…

NOW IPO Binding

Whatever happened to those goofy leg sacs that people used to strap to their knees? Or even worse, the binding bag? Ah, the road to innovation is often paved with good intentions. The NOW IPO binding, however, is one that shall not suffer the fate of such trivial pursuits, because these things work! Read the entire review…

Ride Maestro Binding

Remember the “Seinfeld” episode where that dude insists on being called “The Maestro” instead of his real name? While that was an unreasonable demand brought forth by a lunatic, you have to admit it worked pretty well. Read the entire review…

Salomon District Binding

Everyone is tweaking these days. From the new kid looking to show he’s a big boy to the veteran who wants to let everyone know he can still cut it. Tweaking is that special way to stand out from the rest of the junk. For those looking to tweak, huck and jib their way through life, meet the District. Read the entire review…

Union Charger Binding

By definition a charger is a horse trained for battle, which is why the word conjures images of power and performance. The Union Charger is clearly a horse worthy of battle. Read the entire review…

Bent Metal x Karakoram Split Tail Hunter Binding

Looking to get off of those lame plates that suspend you a foot off the top of your board and actually enjoy that 2,000 vertical you just busted ass for? Untied to the monopoly of the “puck” interface system, Karakoram, named for a remote mountain range in the Himalayas, invented an entirely new way of connecting you to the split-board. Read the entire review…


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