Price Points: 5 supreme all mountain boards under $400

Every mountain is an eclectic collection of unique riding opportunities, and every snowboarder should be prepped and ready to ride every vertical foot offered to them. In the spirit of total freedom, we have selected the top 5 boards that can handle all elements without leaving you with multiple decks or dust in your wallet.


Capita NAS

Every season, companies introduce crazy new shapes and funky cambers, but Capita has gotten the hint that snowboarders just want the same old, trustworthy board they grew up riding on. They crafted the NAS in the spirit of reliving the glory days, and with a traditional camber profile this is a board that lets you crank turns and delivers insane pop for pouncing pillow lines all while an extended nose keeps things afloat. The NAS remains playful on every aspect of the mountain, with a twin-shape and a lightweight Black fleece additive meant to enhance strength for seasons of wear and tear.

Price: $399.95


Arbor Whiskey

As smooth and stylish as its namesake, the Arbor Whiskey is willing and able to take a shot of whatever the day may bring, whether that be some fluffy white stuff, crunchy groomers or technical terrain. A System Rocker features enhanced curvature between the bindings and less at the tips for easy and fluid response on the hard-pack trails, but maintains a levitating sensation in the powder. To top it off, a Power Plywood topsheet adds pop while Butter Glassing fiberglass allows for a soft flex, a combo that grants you one smooth and fiery ride.

Price: $399.95


Rome Women’s Heist

Don’t feel bad if you are robbing first tracks on the backside and stomping first- tries in the rail yard, especially if you’ve got the Rome Heist underfoot. This hybrid rocker and camber profile is meant to cause havoc all over the mountain, as Rome hooked it up with carbon Hot Rods to increase pop but maintain a playful feel, while Quick Rip sidecuts give the Heist responsive control when you’re booking it to the bottom. The cherry on top of this badass little cake/ Basalt impact plates inserted under the bindings absorb hefty impact, should any of your schemes go awry.

Price: $399.95


Stepchild Sucks

Rarely does reverse psychology, work but in this case we’re believers. The Stepchild Sucks definitely does not live up to it name,  as Stepchild loaded their board with Kicker 1 core for a high energy and lively response to slay the park or to slash the shoobies out of the way. Since dropping 10 feet to a hand rail is a normal occurrence, Stepchild inserted Armadillo plates under the bindings to prevent taco boards, plus a dimpled Structurn SnagFree base made to reduce friction for those who feel the need for speed.

Price: $368.95


Salomon Women’s Wonder

Slay anything and everything from the top of the mountain to the bottom with Salmon’s Wonder board. A unique directional twin shape with a Cross Profile of camber between the feet and rocker at the tips, Salomon has created a mind-blowing-jaw-on-the-floor kind of board. Toss is an Aspen Strong core that can produce unmatched strength and snap — the kind that gives you a skate-like experience when jibbing— and you’ve found your new favorite board.

Price: $399.95


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