Each week we will feature an elaborate pro setup from riders around the globe so you can see exactly what these masters of shred are wearing. From head to toe, you’ll see the accessories, necessities, and other random trinkets riders bring when they head out to shred.

Jake's Setup

Board: Rider Berzerker – Jake Blauvelt's Pro Model
Bindings: Ride Capo Binding
Boots: Addidas Boots
Jacket: Oakley Choice Jacket
Pant: Oakley Choice Pant
Goggles: Oakley Airbrake, Oakley Crowbar
Gloves: Oakley Over It Glove
Bag: Oakley Snowmad 30 Pack
Layers: Oakley SethMo Down Jacket
Backcountry Gear: Mammut Pulse Avalanche Transiever, First Aid Kit, BCA Pro Shovel, 2012 Ski Doo Summit X 800
Accessories: Soccer Ball, Olympus Stylus 850 SW
Misc: Tea, Gatorade, Trail Mix, Nuts, Apples, Oranges, Sandwich, Chocolate

About Jake's Setup

Jake Blauvelt, as if you didn’t know, is absolutely killing it this season. Lucky for him, he’s got one hell of a set up. His own signature snowboard, the Ride Berzerker has a Hybrid All Mountain shape snowboard of which Jake says is, “The best of both worlds with camber under foot for snap in and out soft turns and slight rocker in the nose for float in the soft stuff.” Complete with Pop Rods 2.0®, 90A Slimewalls® and Carbon Array 3™, the Berzerker without a doubt allows Jake to boost it hard in the backcountry and film his crazy tricks for his Naturally webisodes.

Jake matches his Berzerker up with Ride Capo bindings to keep his feet locked in place while he gets his freestyle on. The ThinGrip 3D™ toestraps on the Capo bindings keep a strong, comfortable bond with boots that leave toes feeling secure.

As for Jake’s snowboarding boots he admits, “I'll be testing a bunch of different boots this year so I can pull all the best features from each boot to collaborate on an insane Adidas boot for the future.” We wish Jake the best of luck with that project, and it looks like we’ll have to wait anxiously to find out what this mysterious Adidas boot will look like.

Jake also sports his own pro-model outerwear from Oakley, the Choice jacket and Choice pant. These loose-fitted outerwear pieces are equipped with 3-layer Gore-Tex, a magnetic hood, and a snap storm skirt system to keep snow out. “I hate being wet in the backcountry, and with this kit I was very happy,” says Jake. He pairs his outerwear pieces up with his Oakley Over It glove to keep his hands warm, his Oakley Snowmad 30 Pack to hold all of his belongings and his Oakley SethMo Down Jacket for those bitter cold days that get the best of all of us. 

To protect his eyes, Jake prefers the Oakley Airbrake and Oakley Crowbar in Viper Red. The Crowbar features an extended lens size for maximum viewing and triple fleece face foam for a comfortable snug fit. The Airbrake features one of the easiest, fastest interchangeable lens designs ever, so it literally takes seconds for Jake to change lenses once a cloud decides to move in. 

For backcountry safety, Jake brings out his First Aid Kit, BCA Pro Shovel and Mammut Pulse Avalanche Transceiver for obvious reasons. For backcountry travel and fun, Jake cruises on his 2012 Ski Doo Summit X 800, which has a two cylinder Rotax E-TEC 800R Enginge, a new PowderMax II Track, and SC-4M Rear Suspension. It’s one tricked out sled. He also rocks an Olympus Stylus 850 SW (shock and waterproof) camera. Jake admits that a, “good zoom and a large view finder for scoping lines is key.” He would know.

As for snacks and drinks, Jake mixes it up a little bit. “Water, tea, Gatorade, trail mix, nuts, apple, orange, sandwiches and chocolate for a late in the day pick me up.”

One of the quirkier things that Jake brings out with him is a soccer ball. “I like to bring a soccer ball to the heli pad for a good warm up with the crew before we hop in the heli for the days shred,” he explains. Not a bad idea if you ask us.

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