Pro Kits with Nicolas Müller

Nicolas Müller's Setup
Snowboard: Burton Custom 158
Bindings: Burton Malavita EST
Boots: Nike Zoom Kaiju
Jacket: Nike Snowboarding C.L. Down Jacket
Pant: Nike Snowboarding Ruskin Pant
Goggles: Oakley Splice
Gloves: Nike Snowboarding Gloves
Bag: Nike Sportswear
Underlayers: Atreebutes
Beanie: Nike Snowboarding
Misc: Swatch Touch, Frends Light Headphones, Mizu Bottle

When it comes gear, Nicolas Müller knows how to choose wisely. Starring in many of this season’s shred flicks including Absinthe Film’s Twe12ve, Burton’s Standing Sideways, and Brain Farm’s The Art of Flight, it's pretty clear that Nico has skills in the backcountry and owns epic film parts like you’ve never seen before. It’s no surprise that he has such bomb-ass gear.

Nicolas knows all too well that the Burton Custom snowboard has reliability, which is probably the most important thing to look for in a board when shredding some of the gnarliest mountain peaks around. “It feels like a full circle coming to an end here. The Custom was, is and always will be one of the best boards out there," notes Nico.

To accompany his snowboard, Nicolas shreds with his Burton Malvita EST bindings and his Nike Snowboarding Zoom Kaiju boots. On his boots, Nicolas tells us that they are the, “Best boot ever. Everything from the free inspired outsoles, the heelcup, to the liner lacing net is what I want for support, safety and comfort.”

Nicolas also could not be more pumped on his Nike outerwear pieces. On the C.L. Down Jacket he comments, “I love this Jacket, it keeps me warm at all times and I feel like I’m at home wherever I am.” That's one powerful jacket. Are the Ruskin Pants just as awesome? "You bet," he notes, "They are simple, clean and stylish. Apres ski… no problem!” Under his Nike Snowboarding outerwear pieces, he rocks Nike Sportswear layers, as well as pieces in The Jetlag Collection from his own company, Atreebutes (video).

Also, Nicolas swears by his Oakley Splice goggles. “Do you suffer from 3rd eye vision?” asks Nicolas, “Well, then this goggle is what you need.” You heard the man, and not only do they have an appropriate size frame, but the F3 anti-fog technology keeps your vision crystal clear. 

As far as other knickknacks Nicolas doesn’t leave without, he sums it up pretty clearly, “Swatch on my wrist and Frends headphones in the liftline while I sip out of my Mizu bottle!”

You might not ride like Nico, but you sure as hell can look as good as him at the after party.

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