If you are interested in looking for eco-friendly snowboard gear this coming season, you may find that unfortunately there aren’t all too many options out there. Some might even argue that there aren’t any new products that are good for the environment because they still use resources (energy, water, oil, and transportation) to be produced. On the other hand, society can’t just stop making things. Our economy would completely shut down, and that could lead to the apocalypse…

What we can do is be conscious shoppers, and try to purchase products that help conserve resources during production, are made with sustainable attributes, and naturally decompose.

So if you’re looking for eco-friendly snowboard gear, dive in below where we have compiled 10 great products you can also feel good about buying.

Capita Outerspace Living


No, Capita’s Mothership isn’t some futuristic-looking lodge you can rent out on your shred trip to Austria … It’s where they build some of the most advanced snowboards to date. And they do it using 100% hydro powered, clean energy that produces zero carbon emissions, a process found nowhere else in the snowsports industry. The parties involved in the Paris Agreement would be proud (if only). Hug your trees, then zoom through them in the Capita Outerspace Living.

Buy now: $399.95

Jones Solution Splitboard


You gotta hand it to Jeremy Jones. This guy might be the most eco-conscious snowboarder in the game. He cares so much about having snow on our mountains for years to come that he shies away from snowmobiles and helis and utilizes his own energy and his splitboard to get up the mountain. That philosophy is injected into Jones snowboards and splitboards. They are composed of wood veneer, eco-plastic topsheets made from castor beans, recycled ABS walls and steel edges, and Wend Natural Wax. Jones also aims to source as many raw materials as possible from the same location to cut down transportation.

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Buy now: $899

Niche Theme


Niche is a big player when it comes to producing environmentally conscious snowboards. The Theme lives up to the hype. It has Niche’s new REREZ® system, which allows the snowboard and all the manufacturing waste from its production to be recycled and repurposed. It’s the first completely zero-waste, fully recyclable snowboard. Furthermore, Niche’s boards are built in The Mothership, which sources its energy from a local river for production.

Buy now: $499

Arbor Relapse


Most Arbor Snowboards are made from sustainably sourced wood or bamboo while their laminates are partly made from castor bean oil. Arbor’s snowboards that have a single malt wood core are made of 100% sustainably grown poplar (such as aspen or cottonwood). If you’re trying to get away from today’s feature-packed boards and prefer a more old-school feel, go for the Arbor Relapse. The twin board has a classic camber shape, and will allow you to ollie, absorb your landings, and make deep turns as much as your addiction wants … Relapsing encouraged.

Buy now: $349.99

Lib Tech World’s Greenest Snowboard


This one’s pretty hard to beat. But before we get into the board, let’s get into some of the hat-tipping ways Lib Tech runs their biz. Their factory uses water and wind power to run and promises zero resulting hazardous waste — even going as far to ensure their saw dust goes into the soil. Lib Tech’s boards are constructed using renewable eco woods and recycled sidewalls. As for their top sheets? They’re made from bio beans. Beans beans, they’re good for your heart. And now your snowboard. EnvironMENTALLY NICER than ever, Scott Wittlake’s directional Lib Tech World’s Greenest Snowboard takes the cake as the most earth-conscious board in the line.

“It’s all green. Every aspect of this board that we were able to inject green pigment into, we did. We went above and beyond to make the manufacturing process of this board have the least environmental impact as absolutely possible. Thanks to having our very own factory right here in the great GREEN state of Washington, we get to be experiMENTAL with alternative manufacturing techniques. Using materials that nature (and the ski industry) never intended to be used in snowboards. We hope you appreciate the effort and the color. Enjoy.” – Scott E Wittlake

Buy now: $599.95

Holden Redwood Down Jacket


For over 15 years, Holden has been using eco-friendly materials in the most stylish of ways. You thought you loved coffee before? Get this — holden uses fabric made from upcycled coffee grounds. And we thought we were coffee-addicts. Holden’s also partnered with Allied Feather so their down feathers are sourced responsibly. And as for Holden’s place of work, Mikey LeBlanc and his team operate out of a 100% solar powered building. If you’re looking for a jacket this winter, but want to truly vote with your dollar, treat yo’self with the Redwood Down Jacket. With Japanese fabric, 20K waterproofing, and 600 fill power down, think of the Redwood Down Jacket as your new lifelong cape, there to protect you in the harshest of conditions.

Available Soon

Holden Skinny Denim Pant


Of course, you’ll need some Holden snowpants to match your Redwood Down Jacket. And let’s not forget, after a long day of shredding, your dogs are gonna bark. Give them some comfort in The Skinny Denim Pants. They feature five pockets for all your random goodies, Holden’s infamous genuine leather details, plus they’ve been coated with PFOA/PFOS-free DWR. That just means Holden’s topped them off with water-resistant treatment that doesn’t contain potentially harmful and dangerous chemicals. Score.

Available Soon

ALEX 20oz Insulated Traveler


Plastic water bottles take centuries to decompose and produce toxic byproducts. Only about 13% of them end up being recycled. Do your part, and buy something dependable and reusable. We suggest checking out ALEX water bottles and mugs, founded by Gretchen Bleiler and her husband. The Traveler comes with a spill-proof, screw-in lid and will keep your beverages hot for 6 hours and cold for a whopping 18. Not only that but the Traveler comes with a bottle opener on the bottom, because who said you can’t keep a frosty beer in your mug?

Buy now: $32.99

Zeal Isabelle Sunglasses


Let’s all give a round of applause to Zeal Optics. They work with over ten organizations to spark social change and protect Mother Earth. A few of those partnerships include Protect Our Winters (POW), Project 5480, and SOS Outreach. When you purchase a pair of Zeal goggles, think of it as a hefty donation that comes with a free gift that encourages powder-filled adventures. Speaking of how eco-friendly Zeal is, chances are, you’ve heard their sunglasses that have plant-based frames and lenses. If you’re looking for a sustainable pair of polarized shades to rock on the mountain that don’t compromise on the style scale, look no further than the Zeal Isabelle Sunglasses. Opt for the polarized pair and consider pairing with the Zeal Nomad goggles like Kjersti Buaas.

Buy now: $149

Purl All-Temp Universal Wax


We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but many snowboard waxes out there contain perfluorochemicals, which are linked to health issues. Purl Wax naturally makes you go fast, and it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals or fluoros. Bonus point: 1% of Purl Wax’s profits are donated to environmental conservation programs.

Buy now: $9.95

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