Outdoor Retailer 2019 descended on the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver last week with hundreds of brands taking over and showcasing their new products for the 2019/2020 season.  The once barren meeting space, was transformed into a bustling city filled to the brim with the latest and greatest in the snowboard, snow and outdoor marketplaces.

Brands, retailers, designers, artists, athletes and industry elites joined together to talk trends, unveil new innovations, and get the low-down on everything that’s going on in the snow industry. (Yep, we’re back, baby.)

As the second iteration of the combined Snow Sports Industries America (SIA) tradeshow and Outdoor Retailer, the momentum of the event was palpable. Snowboarding is in a good place. Brands are hyped, and new gear is looking good, really good.

To get a feel for all that’s on offer next season, we cruised the isles and met with brands to get a gluttonous eyeful of all the new boards, bindings, boots, outerwear, accessories, and beyond.

The images below are a smattering of some of the top snowboard products that will be available next season.  Feast your eyes on a few selects we’re hyped on and stay tuned for more in-depth product reviews dropping soon.

Product Preview: Outdoor Retailer 2019


Vans has a bunch of rad projects in the works, and one standout for next year is the Jake Kuzyk Collection. He’s head-to-toe for Vans and his collection includes the Hi-Standard OG Boots, the Kuyzk Shell, a Standard Snowboot, an Old Skool Shoe, and a Smartwool collab sock. Everything looks sleek as hell, and we’re stoked to see it in action.
The Infuse has been a standout for Vans ever since it entered the line several years ago. It’s back and better than ever with new colors and upgraded tech. Watch for Pat Moore and other Vans team riders to rock these next season. 
Vans’ Kyle Martin shows off Bryan Iguchi’s boots, which are tooled to take you further. The Verse is constructed to deliver all day support and comfort, while the Ultra Range Hi Gore-Tex MTE is a solid shoe choice for stomping around snowy locations all season.
Vans expanded their line with a solid showing of The Standard Snowboot. It comes in several tiers that are focused on style, durability, warmth, and waterproofing. 
Vans is back at it again with the Ferra. The beloved women’s all-mountain boot are back for another season in a couple sick new colors.
All new this year, is the women’s Viaje. A badass boot for babes that are seeking a beefier boot, it’s suited for big lines and long days. We’re stoked to see this boot in the Vans line and look forward to providing a proper review of it from the field. 
Vans has updated their liners and inserts with a revamp of the Pop Cush. They now have three tiers of tech that are distributed throughout the line for extra comfort and control. 


Rome is rome, and their future is connected to comfort. And more.
Mr. Stillman, Rome’s intrepid leader and marketing man extrodinaire, walked us through some of Rome’s selects. In-between sips of beers and catching up on all the latest industry gossip, we got a feel for the new pieces, and they’re dope. We’ve got another meeting scheduled to talk about this meeting, because we got a little off-topic. 
A staple in the line, the Men’s (left) and Women’s (fourth from left) Katana are revamped and designed for ultimate performance in snow-slaying. Rome has continually led the charge with their binding technology and they aren’t slowing down.
There’s gotta be at least one Warden in the ThunderDome (aka the Colorado Convention Center) and well, Matt Stillman is the man for the job. Rome has a new deck aptly named the Warden… We don’t pretend to wonder why. 


Airblaster is upping the outerwear ante with the Beast suit for Women (left) and Men (right). Constructed with 30k waterproofing and breathable material, these one-pieces come with everything you need for deep days, except a snorkel.
This may be the future. The Ninja Suit pro is designed for those long days in the backcountry, and for riding bell to bell. At the shoulders, they have 4-way stretch Schoeller Nanosphere soft-shell, which should add breathability and waterproofing.
These pullovers are functional and super fashionable… just look at that logo. What does it resemble? 
We’re digging the color pop of the Lady Storm Cloak. These come in several sick colorways for ladies that like to send it on and off the mountain.


Nicolas Müller wanted a purple boot, and you know what? ThirtyTwo gave him his purple boot. The Müllair is teeming with tech, yet still boasts standard laces.
The Jeremy Jones/ThirtyTwo boot collection has evolved a bunch over the past few years, and now includes three models. The Jones MTB is the pinnacle for splitboarding and mountaineering. The Jones TM-2 XLT is ideal for backcountry missions and big days, and the Jones Zephyr is your do-it all boot, best suited for resort days.
The TM3 continues to be a top-rated boot year after year for its performance and comfort. It’s back and more bold than ever. The Lashed (white color) is a favorite for women and boasts new prints. On the right is the Jones Women’s MTB, which is perhaps the beefiest ladies boot we saw at the show. 
ThirtyTwo’s Rider Signature Series outerwear is going full throttle and includes pieces from Bradshaw, Scott Stevens, JP Walker, Chris Grenier, Desiree Melancon and Nico of course.

Howl Supply:

Ever since they popped up on the scene a few years ago, Howl has been making waves with their gloves, mitts and accessories. Their line is bigger than ever before, and looking tight.


Roxy unveiled their WarmLink women’s jacket that has a heating panel in the back. You can control the temperature with your phone, or with a button on the jacket… Whatever suits your preference. While this may not be for every girl, the idea is clearly liked by many, as it won a standout award at ISPO.
Torah Bright’s Signature Roxy Collection was designed with plenty of input from the gold medalist. Stylish, yet functional bibs are paired with a short-cut down jacket that has all the bells and whistles. Clean lines, and a solid design, we back it.
Robin Van Gyn is a long-time Roxy rider that is sponsored head-to-toe, and requires gear that will hold up in the backcountry. This kit, though not specific to Robin, is constructed with weatherproofing and hard-charging in mind.


If it’s good enough for Travis Rice, it’s likely good enough for you or me. Quiksilver’s newly revamped High Line collection is the pinnacle of performance for big, deep days.
Did you know that Quiksilver makes goggles? They sure do, and they are apparently pretty good, and highly sought by the Euro market.
50 years of Quiksilver. To celebrate their longevity, Quik is releasing this retro-inspired kit. They are also bringing back Quicksilver Women. Stay tuned for more details on that.


Just a tiny peak at Bataleon’s men’s line. We popped by the booth to say what up, and hear about the new boards, but it was a little late in the day, and everyone seemed to have bolted. Nonetheless, we’re backing Bataleon’s line for next year, and are excited ride these decks.


Capita’s Defender of Awesome is a tried and true model, that does just what it names states. We’re such a sucker for these graphics, BTW.
Kazu’s Pro model was a huge talking point at the Capita booth. Retailers were hyped on it, and so were we.
Spring Break x Capita — Just a tiny peer into what they have in the works for next season.
SMF is a longtime favorite among the ladies and is back for next year in two sizes. For the groms, Capita is introducing the Scott Stevens Mini and the Micro Mini. Start ’em young on solid products and they’ll shred forever.


Igloo is fighting back against those shitty styrofoam coolers that break apart and last for like barely even one use, and are coming out with these REUSABLE coolers. The Recool Cooler actually keeps things cold, is made of sustainable materials, can be reused, and is compostable.  For just under $10 bucks, you can’t go wrong.
This ice had been in there since the night before. And while it melted a little, nothing was soggy or wet. The ReCool works and will be available by April.


Beanies, flat brims, five panels and more, Coal’s hat game is still strong as ever. Their new styles are dope AF. We fully support their hat game.


From stylish street pieces, to weatherproof jackets and pants, to plenty of collabs and more, 686’s line is stacked with a little something for everyone. We’ve got plenty of content to come from these guys, stay tuned.
Victor Daviet’s kit comes fully ready to send it in the backcountry, and this color way is a collab with Salomon.

Jones Snowboards:

Joseph Toney did some impressive live artwork at the Jones Snowboards booth.
The standout boards from Jones include: the Carbon Solution, the Flagship, along with their new/new pow surfer. Their booth was a bustle with riders stopping in and out and Jeremy Jones was on hand to talk product, upcoming projects, and climate change of course.

Never Summer:

Colorado’s hometown hero, Never Summer, debuted the Women’s West, and West Split, which will take place of the Aura. The designs are looking legit.


Nidecker is back, baby. They never really went away, but the stamina behind them is strong and their throwback design looked fierce.


YES. has a slew of standouts this season including the Y, and the women’s Emoticon, and the Hel Yes. Looking good lads.


Ride’s Warpig line is expanding and the newest to debut is the PsychoCandy. It’s on the far right and is geared towards more feminine frames and ladies that ride hard and fast. And just look at all those new graphics. 
#Warboss. If you don’t know, you will. 


Dakine Signature Series Pro Models: Jamie Anderson, Louif Paradis and Kazu Kokubo — Jamie’s mitts are low-profile, sleek and true to her style. Louif Paradis’ selects are an ode to his urban prowess, while Kazu Kokobo’s mitts are suited to his backcountry badassery.
Pro Model Packs, tooled specifically to Dakine’s Pro Riders. Which colorways and style are you most drawn to?


Mag 4D– The all new goggle from Smith. These puppies boast an increased field of view, ChromoPop lenses, and two locking mechanisms that are built into their outriggers. Four-way secure magnet lenses from Smith? Yes, please. 
We’re digging the retro-vibe and solid price point of the all new Smith Skyline XL. They also come in a like a million different styles. 


Perhaps one of the best brands to integrate collabs in a organic way, is Salomon. This LoFi boot is Victor Daviet’s pro model and features the same colorway as his outwear kit from 686. Loaded with extra tech, we’ll get you all the specifics soon. You can look right now, but you cannot touch.
The women’s all new Bellevue is set to be a hard-charging board for ripping ladies. A new go-to for Annie Boulanger, this board looks beefy and ready for all-mountain pillaging. On the right is the Women’s Pillowtalk Split. One of our favorite women’s shred sticks, now available in a split. (Pardon us while we drool…)
Dirksen’s well-loved Super 8 board is collabed with North Drinkware, and features a topo topsheet of one the PNW’s most beloved mountains, Mt. Bachelor.


We could go on and on about the tech in these Dragon Pro Model goggles (there’s a lot of it), but the art is directly linked to each rider and their individual vibes. Gigi’s strap was made with the help of his kids. Iguchi’s is his own ethereal mountain view painting. Danny’s is playful, yet poignant. Blake’s got his backcountry vibes, and Kimmy’s showcases her class. And yes, Ms. Fasani just joined their team. (Insert a High-Five.)


They did it. Hestra put in the time and work and officially came out with snowboard-specific mitts. The OG Fall Line Mitt is everything you want with ultra supple leather, minimal stitching, and shorter cuffs. They are so sick, and yes, they are here to stay. More to come on these bad boys soon.

This product preview is just a taste, so stay tuned for much more coming to you from the On-Snow demo that’s set to pop off in Copper next week. Also, this is just a tiny sampling of products/brands, there’s much, MUCH, more out there, and we’ll be brining it to you.

Photos: Rachael Zimmerman