Everyone has a gear guide. We do too. It’s called The Product Collection, a hand-picked selection of snowboarding and life must-haves that, we believe, form a comprehensive guide for getting you prepared for your best winter yet. And from The Product Collection comes Provisions, our weekly story that highlights some of the things we’re particularly stoked on. Expect it every Monday, but don’t expect to know what it will contain. We like to keep life interesting.

Bataleon Camel Toe Snowboard


Depending on who you ask, camel toe can be a good or a bad thing. While we choose to keep our opinion out of the general debate, when it comes to this particular camel toe, we back it 100%. Built for the snow surf enthusiast, the Camel Toe from Bataleon Snowboards is designed for the deep, and is meant to be ridden hard. 3BT tech makes it one of the more versatile pow boards on the market and is guaranteed to keep you up and floating when other clunkers take a nose dive.

Buy now: $399.95

Coal The Tracker cap


The perfect cap for once it is too cold to wear caps. Be resilient and say no to beanies, the Tracker from Coal lets you keep the cap game going strong all winter. It even comes with ties, so you can be sure it will stay on at high speeds. Unfortunately the ear flaps cannot be worn sideways, but that’s the only downside we could come up with. But lets face it, you shouldn’t be wearing your cap sideways anyway.

Buy now: $40.00

The Fourth Phase Book


Travis Rice and Red Bull Media House’s new film The Fourth Phase is absolutely nutty. There are no two ways about it. Not only is the riding some of the highest caliber big mountain displays to date, but the resources behind the four year project and the location list are unparalleled. Watch the movie, and then come back and buy this book from Asymbol for an honest, raw, and behind the scenes narrative and an insane collection of photos. This is one coffee table item you don’t want to pass on.

Buy now: $145.00

Electric EGX Goggle


The big-lens, zero-frame movement may have taken over the goggle industry, but the EGX from Electric was among the first. This isn’t like your aunt’s Prius or your little sister’s Uvex goggles from 1981, so forget about blind spots and limited visibility. Grab your pair and make the low-vis life a thing of the past.

Buy now: $180.00

Burton Tribute Fleece


No guarantee the Tribute fleece from Burton will help you ride any better, but it will definitely keep you warm and styling. Not to mention there is a ton of space in the waterproof pouch for all kinds of different things. Let your imagination run wild. Wear it under the jacket on cold days, or on its own for après perfection.

Buy now: $119.95

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