Winter is on the way, and serious storms are starting to pick up across the country. While some resorts have already received substantial snow fall and are closer to operation than others, there is no doubting the buzz of anticipation nation wide as people prepare for the coming season. Lucky for you, our Product Collection has the complete break down of everything rad in 2017. If you don’t have the time to dig through it all, we did you a solid and picked out six of our favorite items to bring to you for our third Provisions post. Check back weekly to see our favorite products of 2017.

Gilson Duel Snowboard


The Duel is Gilson’s freestyle-oriented option for all of you park riders out there. It features Gilson’s Soft Edge tech as well as SuperFlex design, giving this deck a feel different than anything you have ever ridden. SuperFlex design keeps things soft for ease in locking down presses, yet snappy for getting on and off of rails. But the really exciting tech on the Duel is the freestyle application of Gilson’s Soft Edge. The Soft Edge is a raised pad on the base of the board which leaves the “soft edge” of p-tex in contact with the snow. This means that the actual metal edge is raised off of the snow and guarantees no hang-ups or edge-to-feature contact.

Buy now: $489

Smith Squad Goggle


Every year a new wave of goggles come out with a fancy new feature and drive the price of goggles up another $50-100. The Smith Squad isn’t like that. The Squad comes packed with everything that you need for a good day on hill, with none of the excess. Not to mention that they are a good-looking goggle, at an even better looking price. If you need any more convincing both Austin Smith and Scott Stevens swear by them, so you know they hold up.

Buy now: $100

Airblaster BEAST Yeti Suit


The folks at Airblaster care about keeping you warm and dry at an affordable cost. Over the last 12 years they have tweaked and perfected the BEAST series to provide the same waterproof/breathable fabric as GORE-TEX, at just a fraction of the cost. For everyone looking to get out in the deep this winter, there is no better deep snow kit than the Yeti BEAST suit. Forget about powder skirts. The BEAST suit will keep snow out of your pants and put it back where it’s supposed to be. On the trail. Plus, with the camo color-way you will be nearly invisible, and tree runs will never be the same again.

Buy now: $419.99

Vans Jake Kuzyk Pro Model Hi-Standard Boot


The Vans Hi-Standard is the classic example of tried and true. Having been in production for 15 years, the Hi-Standard is consistently the best selling boot on the Vans line. The Hi-Standard stays true to its name without all of the frills and gimmick-tech that is packed into other boots on the market. This year Jake Kuzyk joins the ranks of riders with a signature boot, so now you can buy one of the best boots available, and in your favorite riders style as well. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Buy now: $179.95

Snow Beach


Nothing beats a good coffee table book to flip through while you are waiting for the crew to suit up. Fear not, Snow Beach is a time machine to the days of Day-Glo and duck tape bindings. Get pumped to ride and be thankful for all of the sweet new gear you just got. This book is seriously radical and is one of the (if not the) most complete collections of photos from the early days. Know your roots and buy this book. (Note: Snow Beach is also perfect for every other situation that coffee table books are rad.)

Buy now: $40

Holden Hybrid Sherpa Pullover


As you may be able to tell by now, we really like layers. This week we chose the Hybrid Sherpa Pullover from Holden, which features a blend of Sherpa fleece on the torso with a moisture wicking performance fleece on the sleeves. All of Holden’s line this year has seriously stepped up the game when it comes to materials, and this fleece is the perfect testament to that. The style you know and expect from Holden, but with added protection from the elements. Wear it as a layer when its cold, where it on its own for après hour, or maybe wear it as your new pajama top. Its that damn comfortable.

Buy now: $129.95

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