Provisions 016: Products we are stoked on this week

This week in Provisions we dive into the world of photography with some of our favorite new cameras and camera accessories on the market. Traditionally speaking in the world of camera gear, bigger meant better, however many new advancements in the field have created room for superior quality in a compact build. This week we look at two of our favorite compact cameras, the camera bag that we use, a fun new GoPro accessory and a cool new take on a photography essential. Make sure to check back next week when we dive back into more snowboard related products, and don’t forget to check out The 2017 Product Collection as well as the 2017 Interactive Brand Guides.

Sony a6300 camera


The first camera we will look at this week is Sony’s new a6300 mirrorless camera. To begin, this thing is downright incredible. We have personally used it on a variety of different trips and assignments and we speak from experience when we say that we really want one. The a6300 has the world’s fastest auto-focus, as well as the most phase-detection auto-focus points of any camera. This all but guarantees that your images will be sharp and focused, even when you or your subject is moving, or say, snowboarding. And while the downfall of mirrorless cameras used to be a lack in lens options, this mirrorless body has just as many compatible lenses as any standard DSLR camera. The a6300 is very literally a small lightweight version of yesterday’s big bulky professional camera, making this the perfect camera to toss in your pocket while heading to the mountain.

BUY NOW: $1,149.99

GoPro Karma Grip


It feels as if every week a new GoPro or GoPro accessory is released onto the market, and while the drones are pretty damn cool, they aren’t for the faint of heart. On the other hand, the Karma Grip designed for the GoPro Hero 5 is here to save the world from another nauseating, shaky GoPro edit, and given the number of snowboarding videos we watch every day, we couldn’t be happier. The Karma Grip uses a gimbal to insure the smoothest professional quality filming possible with a GoPro, and the controls on the handle allow users to control the multiple camera functions with ease. Not only that, but the grip comes with a variety of extensions and clamps so you can now mount your GoPro and still retain the same buttery smooth cuts.

BUY NOW: $299.99

Dakine 30L Reload Camera Bag


When it comes to camera bags designed for snowboard photography, the Dakine 30L Reload bag is at the top of the list. Outfitted with a exterior access multi-compartment photo specific main compartment, tri-pod carrying compatibility, a built in rain cover, a compression molded back panel, vertical snowboard carrying straps, and a padded 17″ laptop compartment. This is the same bag we use every day and it never lets us down. Oh, and did we mention it has a lifetime warranty to boot?

BUY NOW: $250

Declan X Blotto Lens Cloth


When it comes to lens cloth material, few do it better than Declan. This oversized Declan cloth is the first ever artist collaboration series and features photography from one of our favorites, Dean Blotto Gray. We actually just did a series Those Days photos with him. You can check them out here. If you are out shooting in the snow, it is inevitable that your lenses will get wet, foggy, or dirty. Now you can wipe that shit up in both form and function.

Buy now: $20

Leica D-LUX compact camera


We couldn’t write a Provisions post on cameras without including a Leica of some sorts, and the new Leica D-LUX is one of the premier compact digital single-lens cameras on the market. The D-LUX features an extremely fast lens with an initial aperture of f/1.7, this combined with its large sensor and a zoom range of 24 to 75 mm (35 mm equivalent) makes the D-LUX the perfect go anywhere do anything camera. But thats not all, Leica took things a step further and integrated it with Wi-Fi so users can not only export images onto their phones or tablets, but can now remotely control the camera with their device of choice. Not to mention Leica’s three year warranty provides peace of mind for users looking to get out into the mountains.

BUY NOW: $1,095


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