While the season has nearly wrapped itself up in many parts of the country, snow is still falling in others, gifting many across the Pacific Northwest with one last breath of winter. This week in Provisions we look at everything you might need this spring, whether you are enjoying the last turns of the winter or soaking up some sun. From rad new snowboard shapes that we can’t get enough of, to smartwatches from Nixon, to wireless headphones, we have you covered. Don’t forget to check out The 2017 Product Collection or 2017 Interactive Brand Guides while your’e at it. Spring savings are coming up fast and there is no better time to dial in your dream kit.

SnoPlanks Asym Fish


Bend, Oregon’s own, SnoPlanks, have been making quite a name for themselves recently in the board building world. Next year’s “Asym Fish” featured here, was the standout board among shapers at this years JH PowWow, and trust us when we say this thing will rip it all, from waist deep pow to summer corn and slush. The design works by varying edge lengths to assist in turn initiations and hold. On the regular version featured above, the longer edge towards the nose on the heelside gives the board better edge hold when cranking heelside turns and aggressive slashes, the longer edge towards the tail on the toeside creates an easier toeside turn initiation and hold through the turn. As traditionalists when it comes to board to design, we had to try it before we bought into it, but man were we blown away. We highly recommend you jump on one of these boards if you ever get the opportunity.

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Nixon Mission


Introducing the smartwatch you can bring anywhere and do anything with. The new redesigned Nixon Mission comes outfitted with expanded capabilities for both iPhone and Android users, including Google Fit, Uber requests, messaging, music, and more. However, not only is the new Nixon Mission smarter, but the Mission was designed for snow and surf and features a tough build to withstand elements and realtime surf and snow conditions updates. Oh, and did we mention that it is nearly 100% customizable? The days of the wrist watch are far from over, and this is the one you want to have.

Buy now: $400+

Electric Road Glacier


An exclusive design collaboration between Electric & Chris Christenson, the Road Glacier is built to take the elements head on. From the water to the snow, through back roads at full throttle. The Road Glacier keeps you protected with performance enhancing lens coatings and interchangeable/removable eye shields. Two separate adjustable temple options ensure that fit and function are the center of this timeless style’s innovation.

Buy now: $140

Decibullz Wireless


The Decibullz Wireless moldable headphones ensure a perfect fit for improved comfort and sound every time. The Decibullz headphones achieve supreme comfort and noise isolation by combining easily molded earpieces with the latest in wireless sound technology. Go anywhere and do anything this spring and bring the tunes you love along for the ride.

Buy now: $119.99

Phunkshun Single Layer


Tried, tested and true. The single layer Neck Tube from Phunkshunwear is the go-to option for many employees, athletes, and customers since its conception– especially when the mercury starts to rise. The best part? Phunkshun uses Repreve (fabric made from 100% recycled water bottles) for their Neck Tubes, an environmentally friendly fabric that not only is comfortable and durable, but boasts SPF protection, superior breathability, and functionality. Not to mention that the Neck Tube also comes in way more styles and prints than we wanted to count, dive in now and grab yours for all of your spring/ summer riding needs.

Buy now: $19.99

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