Provisions 028: Products Alex Andrews is stoked on

These are the products that the king of F.R.O.T.H. swears by.

As we approach the second season of Provisions, we decided it was time to start changing things up a little. Provisions, will not only be a place where we will share our favorite products, but it will also become a window into the lives of your favorite riders. Want to know what products your favorite boarder is hyped on? Now is your chance to get down to the nitty gritty and find out exactly what everyone is talking about. This week we talked to Alex Andrews to get the scoop on the goods he currently can’t live without, and with everything from snowboard gear, to biking equipment and compound bows, this week’s Provisions, is sure to have a little something for everyone. Don’t forget to check out The 2017 Product Collection or 2017 Interactive Brand Guides while you’re at it. Spring savings are coming up fast and there is no better time to dial in your dream kit.

Burton [ak] 2L Cyclic Jacket


From mid-winter blizzards to sunny spring days, the 2L Cyclic Jacket from Burton’s [ak] line can handle it all. The combination of GORE-TEX® 2L fabric and fully GORE-SEAM® Taped seams allows for proper ventilation when needed, and ensures that you will stay warm and dry when conditions turn wet. What’s more? The 2L Cyclic from [ak] comes standard with a lifetime warranty, go ahead and use and abuse your gear with confidence this coming season. Alex likes to stay comfortable on the mountain, why shouldn’t you?

Buy now: $489.95

Burton Throwback Snow Surfer


Never sit down on a sled again, the days of backyard snow sliding have officially changed for good. The Throwback from Burton Snowboards is a resurrection of the 1981 Burton Backhill and comes ready to surf out of the box. Just wait for the next big storm to hit your zone and grab a Throwback before running to the local hill. Turn down days around with The Throwback, you won’t regret it.

But now: $149.95

Burton Step-On Binding


The classic click-in, re-imagined. Burton’s new Step-On Binding gives fresh breath to the traditional click-in binding design. By abandoning the two-pin system for a triple-pin enclosure that anchors the heels and toes into the binding, Burton was able to improve binding responsiveness while retaining the user-friendly ease of stepping in. Keep an eye out for them in stores this fall, as well as more no-foot madness from Alex at The Freedom Frontier.

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Thule Force Alpine Roof Rack


Traveling for snowboarding requires a lot of gear, and no one likes to be crammed into a loaded ride on the way to, or from the mountain. The Force Alpine features twelve cubic feet of storage space for ample board and gear storage and extra room on top. Not to mention that the aero-dynamic design of the Force Alpine Rack means that all of this extra storage will hardly cut down on your fuel economy. This is a no brainer for Alex, why make it one for you?

Buy Now: $469.95

Odysea Stump x Chippa Wilson Pro


The Frothing has only just begun. The tried-and-true Odysea® LOG has now been downsized and re-designed by the legendary Chippa Wilson. Introducing the all-new Stump™–with half the size and twice the fun–the Chippa Wilson Pro has all of the juice one needs to hold a line in the tube or power through the rail. Hell, bring it along to your next pool party.

Buy now: $259.99

Bear Legend Series Compound Bow


Whether you are into hunting, camping, or shooting at a target range, a great bow can always be appreciated. The Bear Legend Series Compound Bow comes packaged with all of the features and tech one would find in a top-of-the-line bow, all at a price that your wallet won’t cringe at.

Buy now: $549.99

FTW Co. Red, White, and Blue Jersey


Alex Andrews has a lot of love for the small, dedicated, “core” brands, and we have to agree. Forever Two Wheels is a small apparel brand focused on producing quality clothing for all things two-wheeled. From design to shipping, everything that goes into one of their products is handled in-house by an FTWCO employee. Give the little man some love before jumping on your bike and buy a shirt below.

Buy now: $50

Destroyer Full Face Helemet


Built from the desire to progress, Destroyer Helmets were founded in 2010 when many saw a gap in the market for technically advanced protective gear. Whether he is out bombing through the woods on his bike or chomping through pow on his sled, the Full Face from Destroyer is Alex’s helmet of choice. Keep an eye out for this helmet to hit the shelves this coming fall.

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