Austin Smith spent much of last winter living in a remodeled 1953 GMC firetruck at the base of Mt. Bachelor. After traveling and living on the road for much of his professional career, the firetruck provided Austin with a home base and a sense of contentment. Most importantly however, the firetruck granted him the opportunity to snowboard every-single-day, just like when he was a kid. We caught up with Austin to get the inside scoop on some of the products he relies on throughout the winter, and those that he looks forward to breaking out over the warmer months. With everything from snowboards, to bikes and in between, it is safe to say that we have you covered, and as always, don’t forget to check out the The 2017 Product Collection or 2017 Interactive Brand Guides while you’re at it.

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Nitro Quiver Squash

Photo: Bob Plumb

Nitro Snowboards is putting a twist on the Quiver series for 2017/18 season with the addition of new shapes and sizes, the most popular of which being the Nitro Squash. The Nitro Squash will be offered in a 153 and a 159, and features a setback stance on a positive camber deck with a mild swallowtail and an extra large nose, guaranteeing this board will hold edges and power through everything from corduroy to waist deep powder. Austin even used the Squash as his slopestyle competition board of choice this past season when entering USASA events at Mt. Bachelor. The Squash will be available fall 2017 for $499.95.

Available Fall 2017

The North Face Himalayan Suit, aka “Bernie”


By now you would have had to very literally be living under a rock to have missed the social media presence of “Bernie” and the Himalayan suit. It all began back at a TNF Team gathering when Austin first joined the company’s pro team, and almost made the mistake of walking away with Conrad Anker’s suit. This past winter however, “Bernie” not only became Austin’s companion but a necessary component to living in his firetruck at the base of Mt. Bachelor.

Buy now: $999

Drink Water Water Bag


The new Drink Water Water Bag is the perfect addition to the lineup for those looking for the lightest, most packable, water vessel out there. This reusable bag can be easily filled, frozen, and strapped to your gear while full, and packed down to nearly nothing when empty. The Water Bag even takes the accessibility factor a step further with its built-in hook and dishwasher safe capabilities. Your excuses for using disposable water bottles are running out.

Buy now: $20

Cubic Wood Stove


Potentially one of the most critical components in Austin’s firetruck, the Cubic Wood Stove does it all from heating to cooking. While many RVs and mobile homes rely on generators or gas powered food and heat sources, Austin decided to take the traditional route and was rewarded ten-fold. When neighbors would lose power or were forced to seek assistance for their generators and stoves, Austin simply tossed another log in. Nothing compares to the smell or campfire-like experience of a wood stove.

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Smith Founder Sunglasses


Spring has all but come and gone, and while it may not feel like it just yet, (we’re looking at you northern California) summer is officially only a day away. And we can assure you, there is no better time to come up on a brand new pair of sunnies than the right at the start of summer. The ever popular unisex Smith Founder sunglasses come standard with either impact resistant carbonic lenses, or ChromaPop™ polarized lenses, both leading developments in lens strength and contrast/ clarity development.

Starting at: $169

Smartwool PhD® Outdoor Ultra Light Crew Socks


Ah, the wonderful sensation of putting on a fresh pair of socks. Crisp, clean, and stink-free, a trusty pair of wool foot sleeves are the sign of a great day on-hill, off in the woods, or anywhere else that your adventure might take you. The PhD® Outdoor Ultra Light Crew Socks feature Merino wool for maximum breathability, moisture management and temperature regulation, so even after a long day out exploring, your socks will still feel just as fresh and clean as they were out of the box.

Buy now: $19.95



HANAH ONE is the new standard for athletes and nutrition activists alike. This botanical superfood supplement is made from 30 wild-harvested ingredients, including but not limited to: turmeric, ashwagandha, amalaki, and shatavari. HANAH ONE is designed to transport nutrients throughout the body to nourish cells and organs. This encourages the growth of new cells, while expelling damaged cells and toxins to promote the vigor and health that comes with deep systematic cleansing and regeneration. Austin Smith mixes HANAH ONE into his daily tea or smoothie to ensure that he is operating at peak performance and feeling like a million bucks no matter what life throws at him.

Buy now: $55

Santa Cruz Nomad


Just because the snow dries up doesn’t mean the mountains are no longer calling your name. The Santa Cruz Nomad is the next generation of downhill mountain biking. The latest model bridges the gap of a traditional cross-country mountain bike and its downhill counterpart, so you can charge downhill comfortably knowing this machine will handle it all with ease. Speed!

Starting at: $4499

50to01 Bucket Hat


It’s the time of year when badly sunburnt necks are on the rise. Luckily for you, the 50to01 Bucket Hat is guaranteed at UPF 50+, so your neck is sure to stay cool and protected from the blistering heat. Outfitted with a mesh sweatband lining and adjustable draw cord for added comfort, this bucket hat will quickly become a summer staple whether you are fishing, lounging, or out hiking and conquering peaks. Not to mention that 50-to-01 prides themselves off of their sustainable practices and green initiative.

Buy now: ~$20

1953 GMC Firetruck


And last, but certainly not least, is the 1953 GMC firetruck itself. While you won’t be able to find Austin’s firetruck anywhere on the market, that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and build your own mini-dojo. We typed in a search for, “old firetrucks for sale” and were blown away by the availability of firetrucks ranging from the 1860’s to present day. Dive in below to start your own DIY summer project.

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