It takes a little while to get your feet back under you each season, we get that. Your summer legs haven’t used the same muscles since last spring, and a long day on-hill is guaranteed to leave you sore and feeling it the next morning. But that is no excuse to take a day off, now more than ever it is the time to get back out there and get your legs back. This week in Provisions we look at some of our trusted go-to’s to keep you running and feeling good, both on the hill and off. With everything from super-foods and caffinated chocolates, to seasonal ales and whiskeys, we are sure to have you energized and feeling at the top of your game.

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HANAH ONE is the new must-have for athletes and nutrition activists alike. This botanical superfood supplement is made from 30 wild-harvested ingredients, including but not limited to: turmeric, ashwagandha, amalaki, and shatavari. HANAH ONE is designed to transport nutrients throughout the body to nourish cells and organs. This encourages the growth of new cells, while expelling damaged cells and toxins to promote the vigor and health that comes with deep systematic cleansing and regeneration. Riders like Travis Rice, Mark Carter, and Rob Kingwill are only a few of the many who swear by this formula, grab your jar now and get in on the HANAH ONE program early.

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10 Barrel Pray For Snow


It’s that time of year. You can feel winter in the air, and it might have dusted here and there, but we are still waiting on that first big storm. It’s time to pray for snow and 10 Barrel Brewing is here to help. With 1% of all Pray For Snow sales going to Protect Our Winters, this is a seasonal winter ale you can feel good about drinking. As a malt-forward ale that is complimented with a spicy-herbal hop complexity, Pray For Snow is the perfect beer for after a long day on the mountain, or really just about any other time that a cold one will do the trick. But don’t take our word for it, grab yourself a six pack now and start praying for that first big storm.

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AWAKE Chocolate


Caffeinated chocolate is here to change the way you energize. We know that sounds a bit crazy, but hear us out because we were a little skeptical ourselves before we took our first bite of this ridiculously delicious rocket fuel. After all, we are no stranger to the personal pot of coffee kind of morning, mid-afternoon, or evening for that matter, but this chocolate was different. One square down and we were already reaching for another. After chomping through a quick bar we were off and running – or bouncing – either way, seriously juiced. AWAKE Chocolates claim that each bar has the same amount of caffeine as your average cup of joe, (110mg caffeine) however, their bites also pack that same power in a smaller portion. Whichever method of edible caffeine you prefer, we can assure you that it will do the trick. So for the season of long days on the hill, road trips and the like ahead, mix it up and grab some chocolate instead of another cup of joe next time you are feeling a little slow. These bars will get you going.

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Stillhouse Whiskey


Nothing warms you up over the winter like a good pull of whiskey. Designed for “where glass can’t go,” these stainless steel cans have an old-timing feel and are 100% indestructible. Toss one in your bag next time you are out on the hill and be worry-free of any spilling or breaking of glass– just don’t fall on it. Stillhouse Whiskey comes in 6 flavors (Original, Apple Crisp, Peach Tea, Coconut, Mint Chip and Red Hot) so there is sure to be something for everyone in your crew. We are big fans of the Original and Red Hot varieties.

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Colorado Hemp Honey


Need a boost before hitting the hill? How about a little help recovering from a long day of riding? Colorado Hemp Honey is here to help. By combining the natural qualities of two super foods, honey and hemp, Colorado Hemp Honey has found the perfect treat to keep you going longer. Not only does raw honey have natural sugars to keep you going, but it also contains antibacterial and antiviral properties that can help boost your immune system and keep you on your feet longer. Match these properties with the nutritional properties found in non-psychoactive industrial hemp, and you have found the recipe for longer days on hill all season long. Throw a stick in your pocket next time you head to the hill and try for yourself.

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