Whether you’re going cross-country or just heading up in weekend warrior fashion to your resort that’s two hours away, make it a pleasant drive with these car accessories.

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Once you do have your trip planned out, don’t leave unprepared. These gadgets will let you travel easy while you fantasize about getting deep in some pow.

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Yakima FreshTrack 4


We’ve all been there — sitting in the backseat of someone’s car as snowboards jolt into your side the whole way up to the mountain. Forget about that discomfort with the Yakima FreshTrack 4 snowboard rack for your car. It fits a couple of boards to free up space so passengers can ride with ease. Plus, without any necessary tools, it’s super easy to install and the universal mounting system works with round, square, factory, and most all roof racks. If you stop somewhere on your way home for a happy hour, rest assured knowing your shred sticks will be safe with the built-in SKS locks. Now just pray for snow, so you can lock your boards in and go.

Buy now: $159

Dakine Party Bucket


It’s easy to work up a thirst on the road. The Dakine Party Bucket keeps beverages cold for the whole crew. The inside of it features a five-gallon cooler, and the outside has eight built-in koozies with an insulated wine bottle holder. Load up your pops, drop your snacks in the water-resistant snack pocket, and cruise on.

Buy now: $55

Kicker BullFrog BF100


You never know when you’re going to head to the mountains in somebody’s car that still only has a CD player, or gasp, a tape player. Invest in a quality Bluetooth speaker, like the Kicker BullFrog BF100, so you can guarantee listening to your playlist. With 16 watts of power, 360 degrees of sound, and a 12-hour battery life, you can keep the party going in the car, and then take it with you to the top of the park, your hotel room, friend’s house, or anywhere you need music to keep you going. Bonus: The Kicker BullFrog is completely waterproof and floatable so you can groove without a worry in the shower or hot tub.

Buy now: $199.95

ALEX 20oz Insulated Traveler (Hot/Cold)


Coffee and road trips go hand in hand. The ALEX 20oz Insulated Traveler will keep 20 ounces of tea or coffee hot for eight hours, and your cold drinks cold for 18 hours — for cocktails after a long day on the road. The spill-proof, screw-in lid prevents your beverage from spilling all over you if you have to suddenly hit the breaks, while the silicone grip will avoid your butterfingers from accidentally dropping it. We have to say though, perhaps our favorite aspect of the ALEX Insulated Traveler is the removable bottle opener on the bottom for ultimate convenience when the time comes to crack a cold one.

Buy now: $70

Jelly Comb 6 Ports 65W/13A Lightning Car Accessories Charger


The fight over who gets to juice up their phone in the car stops right now with the Jelly Comb 6 Port Lightning Car Charger. Unless there’s more than six of you in the car, this car charger will help bring everyone’s phone back to life. Plus, you won’t have to hear your friends in the backseat whine if they can’t reach their phone. This car charger has a 3.3 feet adapter cable to make sure everyone can charge their battery while checking their Instagram feed. As far as car accessories go, this one is a must.

Buy now: $14.99

3 Trees New Style Inflatable Air Mattress Bed for Car Back Seat


Many times it’s not worth it to splurge on a hotel when you simply need to get in your eight hours of shut-eye before continuing the journey. The 3 Trees New Style Inflatable Air Mattress fits in the backseat of your car so you can pull over, blow it up with the electric air pump that connects to the cigarette charger, and get some shut-eye. No $150 per night hotel. No having to pitch a tent. No driving time wasted. Inflatable pillows included.

Buy now: $79.95

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