Q&A with Peter Line: His new site will make you chuckle

The dude's an artist!

What’s the inspiration behind your new site, peterlinedesign.com?

Well, I’ve been creating stuff for a while now behind the scenes for my sponsors and want to showcase it. It’s fun and I want to do as much of this as possible. If anyone wants to hire me to do some weird, fucked up graphics or photoshoots, that’s what I love to do.

I read what was probably one of the more interesting interviews in recent history on your site. How does one interview himself?

It’s easy when one has a few different personalities. The hard part is deciding which personalities are the proper ones to reveal, yet, at the same time, still expose enough of one’s self.

Let’s talk about the photo of you kissing yourself. How the hell does one achieve such a great feat and do you think Peter Line is a good kisser?

It took a long time to track down a Peter Line impersonator that looked enough like me to pull it off. He didn’t quite have the same kissing technique I would ideally have liked, but it worked. There will be more in this series coming this September, I hope.

I’ve watched you ride since I was a kid. You’ve always put out the best parts and had some of the best style in the game. How has growing up affected your outlook on life and snowboarding? Do you miss being young?

Having snowboarded for so long now, I definitely look at it different. I still love it, but as a kid, all I wanted to do was snowboard and learn new tricks then create my own. As I got older I simply enjoyed doing what I knew, refining it and trying to makeup new stuff.
But I also have so many other interests in life that I want to work on. I did the snowboarding thing to almost the extent I feel—well, I could have partied less and focused more, but whatever.

I like doing tons of stuff and as I get older life seems like it’s getting shorter, at least if you're a person who asks people how old they are. I still love snowboarding, riding pow and hitting pow jumps especially. I will always snowboard and want to be a part of it for a long time. But now it’s time for the next generation of kids to create snowboarding the way I helped develop it with my other peers. I look forward to watching snowboarding’s future and I will help shape it on the other side hopefully as much as I did on the rider side, if that makes any rambling sense?

What inspires you to come up with things like the Disney Re-Puzzled piece or your pro-model goggle with Electric?

I’ve always been into art stuff, even as a kid. Before snowboarding, and through snowboarding, I’ve been fortunate enough to contribute to it on the design side and had the opportunity to learn through it; feeding off artists and learning from design people.

Snowboarding started off as an outcast sport with those involved not taking the directed path in life. Now snowboarding is a billion dollar industry and these deviants are still in it running million dollar companies. It makes me proud to deviate and do something on my own which led me to be a big part of something huge in the end and still growing.

You’ve pretty much seen it all as snowboarding has evolved over the years.What’s your take on “big business” and their influence with our beloved sport? Do you think it’s for the greater good of snowboarding or should they butt out?

As something grows money will become an influence. With snowboarding, not like a lot of industries, there is a lot of heart in it from the people involved. Money will influence all, so there are some who change for that, some that adapt and some that resist.

There will always be money to be made in this industry. If it’s used in the correct ways to help all parties involved, I don’t see that as being bad. Energy drinks paying riders to put on amazing and inventive contests (T. Rice Supernatural), I like that. Snowboarders have only a short time to make money from what they love. But when these sponsors come in and start dictating what snowboarding is and sponsor young naive kids to promote snowboarding in the wrong way, that’s when we, the snowboard elders, need to jump in and speak up in order to shape the sport we love into the positive, alternative way we found it.

An original piece with Frends crew members and brothers Jack and Luke Mitrani

What can we look forward to with the 2014 Foursquare line? Will we see any crazy new tech or controversial creative directions? There is a photo of you having sexual intercourse with, well, yourself on your site; maybe some sort of pro-model graphic?

Foursquare’s 2014 stuff is going to be amazing. We have big plans that I can’t wait for you all to see and be apart of. I’m definitely excited to be back designing with the company I helped start and design from the beginning.

This past year you and Eddie Wall put out The Peddie Files. Any plans for another web series or movie next season?

We were planning on doing it again this winter but Eddie’s sponsors went out of business, so he lost all his travel budget and things pretty much fizzled from there.

Everyone seemed pretty stoked on the movie we did, you can’t complain about a free movie. But there are talks about making something work for this winter. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Check out all of Peter Line's work on his site peterlinedesign.com. And if you want a direct link to him fornicating with himself we got that right here for ya. No need to search!


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