Rad Resorts: Discovering Powder Mountain

Photo: Photo: Gregg Greer

When anyone outside of Utah hears about snowboarding, they think of Park City, Brighton or Snowbird. For some reason, other resorts aren’t as well known when it comes to out-of-towners. Powder Mountain, near Ogden, Utah is even less known. Known as PowMow, this resort is almost off the radar, even for a lot of Utah locals. With its almost reclusive reputation, it needed to be understood. It is a white buffalo, and everyone should set out to find it, then kill it where it stands.

The resort recently had an ad campaign explaining, “The first rule of PowMow is don’t talk about PowMow — paid for by the Powder Mountain locals.” On the surface, it appears to be a good copywriter at work. But when you ride there you will realize it’s pretty much dead on accurate. The locals ride there because no one else has caught on, explaining why you only hear whispers of this place. We’re thinking that loudmouths probably get silenced by some secret brotherhood of riders, but that is just speculation. Like any secret worth keeping, this one is a whopper.

PowMow doesn’t need an upscale coffee shop every six feet to sustain itself. In fact, at PowMow, the flashy atmosphere is probably laughed at. They have no interest in drawing massive crowds of moon boot wearing yuppies, unless they are going to eventually put on some gnarly boots and get wild.

This place is one of the last remaining resorts that doesn’t force you to wait at the tail-end of the longest line. Instead, with over 7,000 shreddable acres, it boasts the most accessible terrain in the U.S. and can be reached through lifts, the uber-affordable cat ride or flat-out hoofing it. It’s a resort that doesn’t know moguls exist and the only scene is the one you can see out of your snow-covered goggles.

Photo:Powder Mountain’s Marketing Manager, Patrick Lundin, enjoying the goods. | Photo: Gregg Greer

CEO Gregg Greer, a.k.a. the ambassador of stoke, has been shredding PowMow for longer than most have known of its existence and is one of the most aggressive old-schoolers out there. Bombing every side hit and airing every drop in his way should explain that this cat is not your average CEO and is one of most qualified to drop some knowledge on PowMow.

“It’s a throwback ski hill, not really a ‘resort’ by modern standards – more like a 70s come-as-you-are ski hill where you see your old friends, family and employees you’ve known forever,” says Greer. “It has a laid-back vibe, great value and best of all not just stashes, but pow lines for days after a storm.”

If you haven’t had the chance to ride in Utah, it is always worth the trip. And for those who want to take the chair less ridden and the runs less tracked, plan the trip to Powder Mountain and have your mind blown.

In the meantime, check Greer’s insiders list on this great white buffalo.

Photo: Pow Mow’s Patrick Lundin slashing through Hook Chute | Photo: Stan Evans

Best secret stash:
Rain Tree.

Best side country:
Powder Country.

Best people to ride with:
Anyone and everyone here. There’s so much pow there are no crusty locals.

Best month to shred and why?
Feb and Mar when we average 100″+ per month.

Best run for side hits: 

Best pow run:
Powder Chambers.

Best burger:
Powder Burger in the Powder Keg Bar & Grill.

Vegetarian spot:
Lucky Slice Pizza in the Timberline Lodge.

Best coffee:
Meh, your thermos.

Best nightlife:
O’town (Ogden), Brewskis, Alleged, Historic 25th Street.

Best cheap lodging:
Wolf Lodge or call us, we’ll hook you up, powdermountain.com

Best hot tub:
Moose Hollow Condos (less than 10min from the mountain)

Best live music:
Powder Keg, every weekend.

Best bar:
Shooting Star (oldest bar in Utah).

Best hotel:
Hilton Garden Inn (next door to iFly, Flowrider, etc.)

Best breakfast:
Jeremiah’s or Karen’s Cafe.

Best hike:
James Peak.

Best pizza:
Lucky Slice, best pizza this side of the Mississippi.

Best snowboard shop:
Milo Sport

Best tune:
Dr. Dave’s $20 tune, free for a Brazilian.

Best urban myth/resort legend story:
If you listen to our locals, there’s yetis up here, tons of them, mostly rabid.


Website: powdermountain.com

Where: Powder Mountain is about 19 miles northeast of Ogden, Utah and 55 miles north of Salt Lake International Airport.
Address: Utah Highway 158 8000 North 5100 East Eden, Utah

Elevaton: Lightning Ridge Summit: 9422 ft (2871.83 m)

Lifts: 7

Peaks: 4

Inbounds: 7,000+
Lift served: 2,800 acres
Powder Country Shuttle: 1,200 acres
Lightning Ridge Snowcat Ride: 700 acres

Backcountry tour area:
Snowcat Powder Safari: 3,000 acres
DMI/Wolf Canyon Tours: 1,000 acres

Parks: 2

Pipe: No

Powder: 500+ of real snow

Lift Tickets

Full day: $65

Day/Night Pass: $69

Night Pass: $22

Sundown Only Day: $38

Season Pass: $895

Family season pass: $1,900 and $100 per additional k-12

Young adult season pass (18-25): $555

If you dig, check out the season pass/ticket page and get ready to get your shred on.


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