Rad Resorts: The best of Sugarbush Resort in Vermont

East Coast legend, Shaun Murphy - frontside invert | Photo: Drew Amato East Coast legend, Shaun Murphy – frontside invert | Photo: Drew Amato

Sugarbush isn’t really a resort. That’s what makes it great. You don’t come here for lattes and pressed sheets, you come here to snowboard, and snowboard on a wide variety of terrain. The trees are tight, but if you know where to go you’ll be rewarded, the steeps are steep, and the park is full of creative features that you can flow between as you would on a skateboard at the skatepark. We could keep going, but what do we know?

Let someone who knows this place as good as any give you the inside scoop. Tony Chiuchiolo is the Terrain Park Manager, but he’s more than that. He is his own unofficial marketing department, strategically putting kids on park staff with photo and video skills, and doing his part to support blossoming East Coast talent, helping garner both the riders and Sugarbush the exposure they deserve. Below is a list of insider knowledge compiled by Tony, himself.

“I’ve been riding Sugarbush for over 22 years and there just isn’t anywhere like it. Some of the best terrain on the east coast including steeps, trees, wide groomers, a solid park and a chairlift system that keeps your wait at the bottom short, allowing more time to shred, can be found there. The best part is the welcoming community of riders who are here for one reason and that’s to shred. No scene. No vibe.”

– Tony Chiuchiolo, Sugarbush Terrain Parks Manager

Best secret stash:
The Church

Best side country:
Slidebrook Basin

Best people to ride with:
The crew from the HOC

Best month to shred and why?
March, the backcountry is loaded, the groomers are soft, and the Big Park at Mount Ellen becomes a jib mecca for traveling East Coast riders.

Best run for side hits:
Sleeper at Lincoln Peak

Best pow run:
Sorry you’re on your own

Best burger:
Ake’s Den

Looking towards Mt. Ellen, one Sugarbush's two peaks Photo: Drew Amato Looking towards Mt. Ellen, one Sugarbush’s two peaks | Photo: Drew Amato

Best vegetarian spot:

Best coffee:
Three Mountain Cafe

Best nightlife:
Localfolk Smokehouse

Best cheap lodging:
Hostel Tevere

Best hot tub:
The SHARC (Sugarbush Health and Racquet Club)

Best live music:
Castlerock Pub

Best bar:
The Hyde Away Inn

Best hotel:
Clay Brook at Sugarbush

Best breakfast:
The “Big Breakfast” at Mount Ellen Base Lodge Cafe

Best hike:
Mad River Glen

Best pizza:
Pizza Soul

Best snowboard shop:
Infinite Boardroom – Home of the Space Cadets.

Best tune:
Tune House at Lincoln Peak

Best urban myth/resort legend story:
A few years ago a group of snowmakers tunneled a whole in the side of the halfpipe which led to a hidden full sized furnished room to smoke up in. This went undiscovered until late spring when a ski patroller was walking the deck of the pipe and fell down through into the room breaking his leg.

Master of style, and all around good guy, Ralph Kucharek- poking mute on Route 100 on the way to 'Bush Photo: Drew Amato Master of style, and all around good guy, Ralph Kucharek, poking mute on Route 100 on the way to ‘Bush | Photo: Drew Amato


Website: sugarbush.com

Where: Sugarbush is located off Route 100 outside Waterbury, and is about an hour from Burlington, forty five minutes from Stowe, and an hour and a half from the US/Canadian border.

Elevaton: 1,483 (452 m) at the base, 4,083 ft (1,244 m) at the summit.

Lifts: 16

Peaks: 2

Acreage: 4000, 578 rideable

Parks: 4

Pipe: Yes

Powder: 269 in

Lift Tickets:

All mountain weekday: $84

All mountain weekend/holiday: $89

Mt. Ellen only weekday: $59

Mt. Ellen only weekend/holiday: $69

Discounts for pre-purchasing online and multiple day tickets, students can get a $10 ticket with I.D. and season pass from another resort

Buy now

Season Pass:

All mountain: 1,049

Mt. Ellen only: 499

For20s pass: $299 for people ages 19-29, all mountain access

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