Red Bull Slope Soakers – This ain’t your average pond skim

It’s no secret that the end of the season in Colorado sparks some of the biggest closing day parties in the country. And since we Coloradans love to party, we’re always on the lookout for the craziest closing day out there.

This year, Copper Mountain teamed up with Red Bull for the second annual Red Bull Slope Soakers event, a glorified pond skim where snowboarders and skiers compete for $500 and a slew of other prizes.

Now this isn’t the average pond skim your parents raved about in the ‘70s. The Red Bull Slope Soakers kicks it up a notch with a two-tiered pond skim that required you to sign your life away to participate.

The top pool was outfitted with a wallride, rainbow rail and flat box, all three of which spanned across a freezing, bright blue body of water that if you fell into would require some serious winter survival skills.

If you came out of pool one unscathed you found yourself bombing down a steep, icy landing into yet another pool that was just as cold; this one with a down box and down rail to finish off the course.

When the event began onlookers watched in awe as contestants, dressed in ridiculous outfits, most strung together from the local thrift store, bombed down the course, beers in hand, looking to impress the judges and make it into finals.

Twenty five contestants, a mix of skiers and snowboarders, made it into finals and, as the weather rolled in, put everything on the line to take home $500, best costume, best crash and best trick.

We could discuss, in detail, all the crazy shit that went down but we will leave you with some highlights from one of the best closing day parties we’ve experienced.

Best crash went to a girl, who after attempting to boardslide the rainbow rail, taco-ed into the end of the pool then fell back into the chest deep cold blue water. You could hear the “ugh” as she hit the side of the pool for miles. She didn’t look stoked.

Best trick went to the overall snowboard winner who threw down a wallride to rodeo out over the pool. Everyone’s hands went up as the crowd freaked out. It was insane.

Best costume went to a Denver duo dressed to impress. One, calling himself Captain of the Love Boat, adorned a searsucker suit jacket with short yellow shorts, an orange leather yachting belt and a captain’s hat. The other, his sidekick, dressed as a chicken and sported a beautiful blue suite. Both attempted flips over the pool, both of whom had never done a flip on skis, ever. That’s alcohol for you!

If you couldn’t make it this year, the Red Bull Slope Soakers should be on your list of closing day parties next year. That’s unless you’re a party pooper…


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