Redmond Gerard will destroy us all!

Words: Josh Ruggles

Get ready because there’s a new kid in town and he’s good — scary good. If you haven’t heard of Redmond Gerard, then you best get familiar. The 12-year old Colorado youngblood makes most adults look silly by dropping man-sized hammers with style and ease.

When he isn’t cutting up resort jumps and rails, he’s carving up bowls at the skatepark with equal intensity. And for a kid still in middle school you could say he’s ahead of the game. He can make his 126cm board do things that even seasoned riders will never attempt.

Red shows us, when standing sideways he will lay waste to, well, anything he chooses. Luckily, we had the chance to interview the young phenom and survived to tell the tale.

Be afraid, here is Redmond Gerard.

How old are you and when did you start snowboarding? What was your first day like?

I can't say I really remember my first day. I was two when I actually started snowboarding, but I was probably like one when I first went on a snowboard. My Dad taught me how to snowboard, but I really, really wanted to catch up to my brothers. I remember my Dad letting me bomb down the hill and then just falling on my butt.

Who are your current sponsors?

My sponsors are so awesome to me. They are Burton, Arnette, Woodward at Copper, Camtrol, Celtek, NXTZ, and Hobo.

Where is your local mountain?

Well I am pretty lucky to have so many great mountains nearby. I have an Epic Pass, which is pretty sweet so I will probably ride Breck the most of those mountains. Woodward at Copper gives me a pass to Copper to take my tricks I work on in the barn and out to the hill, so I ride Copper a lot too.

Who are your biggest supporters in your snowboarding?

Besides my sponsors, my brothers, Robbie Sell, Adam Pearce and Matt Guess.

What are your favorite tricks on jumps and rails?

Well on jumps I like front 7s and back 7s, and on rails I really like back blunt 270 and front 270 on.

Safety tricks?

Back 7, front 7, cab 5, back 9 and working on making my front 9s look better.

I saw your double cork attempt on YouTube, have you put one down yet?

[Laughs] Everyone asks that. Not yet, but I hope to this winter in pow, then take it to a park jump.

What other tricks are you working on now?

Front 9's, front 10's, cab 9 and switch back 5's and 7's.

Are you more interested in competition riding or making video parts?

Both, wherever snowboarding takes me.

How do you focus on shredding, school and still being a kid?

Well, like times right now I hang out with my friends, but when snowboarding starts I get out at 11:42 and just go straight to Breck, Copper or Keystone. But this year I want to do more powder and street stuff too.

You can get pretty gnarly on a skateboard as well, which do you have more fun doing?

Well I recently did an interview with Buoloco and in it I said skateboarding, but I kind of have equal fun in both.

Who in snowboarding do you look up to?

Chad Otterstrom, and why I say Chad is because no one realizes how good he actually is. He was telling me the other day that he learned two new doubles and in my opinion I think he is really sick.

Do you work to ride like any pros or do you just ride the way you want?

I just ride the way that I want.

Are you as into Justin Bieber as other youngsters or is that the wrong age group?

You might be in the wrong world; every one in my school hates Justin Beiber, other than the girls.

If you could spend a day in the pipe with Shaun White or a day in AK with Jeremy Jones which would you choose?

Most definitely Jeremy Jones I think his riding is sweet and in a way I want to be like him.


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