From those that built the brand three decades ago to those carrying it now, RIDE celebrated thirty years this past Wednesday, Nov. 2, with a good portion of the crew in Seattle at the world premiere of their new documentary, Rough Around The Edges. The sold out Egyptian Theater housed everyone from the company’s very first employee and rider, to its newest pro, Jill Perkins, who was also announced that night (Congrats Jill!), as well as plenty from the interested public. Legends of Ride like Russell Winfield, Jason Ford, Circe Wallace, and Mikey LeBlanc sat and cheered alongside their current counterparts (Jed Anderson, Hana Beaman, Spencer Schubert, Cole Navin, Danimals, Beau Bishop, and plenty more) to remember the good times, influence, and story of the iconic brand. 

Mikey LeBlanc and Spencer Schubert. p: Clavin

As a surprise start to the night, speaking of generations coming together, Spencer Schubert and Mikey LeBlanc released their new project with Justin Meyer and a whole lot of toboggan riding. Mikey LeBlanc is BACK. Spencer never left. From start to finish, you won’t want to miss it. 

For the movie, past and current team managers, designers, owners, riders and more were interviewed by celebrated writer, photographer, and former Editor of Snowboarder Magazine, T. Bird, in Rough Around The Edges. Filmed and edited by John Cavan, the project is an equal part look at the colorful distant and not-so-distant past of Ride. From the first handshake deal, going public, to the impact of Ojo and LeBlanc… this movie opens the door into the true stories that helped create one of our sport’s longest standing brands. Cavan and Bird have been gathering interviews for just about three years for the project, and it shows. The full film will be released later this month for free on Youtube, and hopefully video from the Karaoke bar that the after party ended up at never will.

Perkins is pro!!! p: Clavin

After the movie and before the karaoke, Ride’s Jim Linnberg took to the stage to announce their newest pro Jill Perkins! Jill’s friends and family surprised her in the theater and for making the trip, they were sprayed in the face with champagne. With a new board graphic dawning Jill’s collab with artist Cheyne Booking photos were taken and the party moved to the bars. Enjoy some photos from the night, and keep an eye out for the full movie dropping soon and NEW BOARD out now!