Road To Recovery – Kevin Pearce Gets Back In The Game


There has been a lot of sob stories about Kevin Pearce lately. Truth is, KP doesn’t want your pity, nor does he need it. Let's not forget this kid is a boss! At just twenty-three years old, Pearce has stood atop the most prestigious podiums in all of snowboarding including two Air & Style victories, two at the Oakley Arctic Challenge, and two European Open firsts amongst others.At  the 2008 X Games he became the first athlete ever to capture three medals in one day when he took home the silver in big air, a silver in slopestyle, and a bronze in superpipe. He arguably deserved the gold over Mr. White in the pipe that night but we won’t go there.

Kevin owns houses, cars and a passport overflowing with stamps. His present life consists of traveling around the world, surfing and running a company with his best “Frends.” The kid is alright, just saying.

Interview by Elliott Levitt

So you recently moved into your new house here in Carlsbad, California. How's it going?

The new house is Insane! I really enjoyed spending the last months with my family in Vermont, but it definitely feels great to have my independence back. Getting my license back was the first step and to be here in my new house feels so good. It’s a lot of work moving into a new place but it’s so fun to be back in Southern California with all my homies. I have had so much support – I’m in the right zone.

Speaking of homies, it sounds like somebody at Target is down for KP.

Yeah man I was talking to my friend Troy from Target at the U.S Open and was telling him I got a new crib. He was like “yeah we can probably hook you up.” Then the other day I get this call from some random number. It’s this dude who works for Target. Super nice guy. Se he comes and picks me up at my house, takes me to lunch, then to the local Target and lets me just go on a full on shopping spree!

KP shredding Northstar | Owen Photo Circa 2009

So what did you get?

So much stuff : a Bose sound system, mad lawn games, a hammock – mad shit!

So now that you're back in SoCal are you going to hit the waves?

I went surfing for my first time today, it was so much fun! The waves were the perfect size. It’s such a good feeling to get up on a board. My balance is still not all there but just to ride some waves was super fun.

So you’re a contest announcer now, how do you like being in the booth?

It’s fun man. I feel it’s the best way for me to stay involved right now and have a reason to be at the contests. I don’t want to just be a spectator – and I want to give props to the deserving guys.

kevin_copper_owen-2102.jpgIn your opinion who are the best up and coming riders?

For slope, Mark McMorris. That backside triple he did was so sick! For pipe, Luke Mitrani.

Best style in the pipe?

Danny Davis for sure.

The backside double is the premiere trick in half pipe riding right now. We all saw Mr. Shitro’s at the end of his Olympic run and iPod was doing his own variation at the Euro’ X Games but I feel like people have forgotten that you landed your own variation of this trick.

Yeah I’m super bummed I never got a chance to do that in a contest run! Mine was a double Micky. Shaun does a double McTwist 12 and iPod’s is a backside double cork 10. iPod’s look so sick. You have to snap that trick mad hard! 110% commitment.

What does the future hold for Kevin Pearce?

Unknown – I love announcing and being around the contest scene and to be able to support my friends that have given me so much support. But I’m still trying to figure out what I’m gonna do with my snowboard career moving forward. When I do contests I do them to win, and right now I’m not there. I’m exited to get out and ride pow in a big way. Riding pow is way doper then riding pipe!

*Photos circa 2009


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