Roxy Becomes the First Brand Partner of Save A Brain

Big things are in the works with the new partnership.

Roxy signs on to support Save A Brain’s on-going efforts to promote brain health and awareness about traumatic brain injury and concussions throughout winter and beyond.

If you haven’t yet familiarized yourself with Save A Brain, it is the Utah-based non-profit founded by Kelsey Boyer to provide resources for TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) survivors and their families, as well as promote education and spread awareness about TBI, concussion, brain health, and mental health (check out SAB’s Concussion Guide to learn more about what these terms mean). As Save A Brain enters into its second winter of operation, Roxy has teamed up with the operation as Save A Brain’s first brand partner.

“What do plants need to grow?” says Kelsey. “Water, oxygen and sunlight. Save A Brain is currently in the state of being a new plant that needs time, funding and support from brands that can help elevate our mission in order to flourish into something beautiful. Having Roxy’s support gives us the confidence that we need to move forward and make a greater impact together.”

Roxy will support Save A Brain’s on-going efforts to promote brain health and awareness about TBI and concussions throughout winter and beyond, as Save A Brain is rooted in snowboarding but its work and resources extend to all endeavors in which protecting one’s brain is paramount, including skateboarding, surfing, and mountain biking.

For Roxy’s Jenna Kuklinski, who runs the brand’s snow program, teaming up with Save A Brain was a no brainer, so to speak. “Kelsey has such a strong story that she’s sharing,” explains Jenna, referring to Kelsey’s personal experience as TBI survivor. “She is so obviously motivated to take action; she believes in what she is doing so deeply and wants to make a difference in the landscape by being a resource for others going through what she did—by being the resource that she wanted to have when she was in that situation.”

Jenna Kuklinski and Kelsey Boyer Jenna Kuklinski (left) and Kelsey Boyer. p: Melissa Riitano

“This is a way that we can support the community.” – Roxy’s Jenna Kuklinski

As the discussion of brain health and safety, concussion and TBI awareness, and mental health grow in snowboarding (as well as in other outdoor arenas), Roxy adds fuel to Save A Brain’s work. “The partnership entails a platform to amplify our voice as well as support on all levels you can think of,” adds Kelsey. “We are so excited to collaborate. Already, Roxy has donated helmets for our Happy Helmets program and we have more in the works for the season ahead.”

“Save A Brain is a growing resource for people to understand how your brain functions, what you can do for yourself, and how you can be aware of keeping your brain healthy while participating in the activities you love to do,” includes Jenna. “This is really valuable for us as snowboarders. At Roxy, we feel it’s so important to make sure that we are supporting the snowboarding community, giving back in a way that affects people outside of the gear that we make and the projects we create. This is a way we saw that we could support the community.”

Adds Kelsey, “Roxy is such an ideal partner because we share many of the same values and can collaborate in ways that can help millions of people. Not only are they supporting us through a business relationship but also through a personal relationship. Roxy has been supporting my snowboarding for the past five years, as well as doing the same for Micah Anderson, our marketing director. Having them as our first brand partnership is so special because this relationship just keeps getting stronger over time. I am so grateful for the Roxy family and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together. I just want to say thank you to everyone involved from Roxy. Thank you for believing in us, it truly means the world.”

Learn about concussions and brain health in Save A Brain’s Concussion Guide and follow @saveabrain and @roxy on Instagram for more.


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