SIA 2014 Day 2: wrapping up the best of the best in style & tech for 2015 [Gallery]

With an air of sweet, sweet, irony, the Colorado mountains (and all across the West, for that matter) are currently getting absolutely hammered with fresh powder, all while a massive chunk of the industry spent another day schmoozing instead of shredding. Moral was high, however —and no, we don’t mean literally— as everyone got amped about the new snowfall, and stoked to show off all the nifty gear they’ve created to properly tear it up.

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K2’s rider designed Enjoyers snowboard line, Howl’s sleek new pro model designs, Adidas’ killer new Boost boot, & so much more; check out all the new boards, boots, bindings, outerwear & accessories we scoped out at SIA, day 2. Click through each page for a full gallery & rundown of the latest & greatest designs from the top brands in snowboarding.

Trend Watch:
—Work-wear inspired outerwear: The constructer worker look is in, apparently. Carhart, redefined.
—Leather accents, and patches. This isn’t new, but it sure isn’t going anywhere fast.
—PET fabric: A lot 0f 2015’s outerwear — and even the top sheets of Burton’s Family Tree boards— will be created using recycled plastic bottles. Nifty, and sustainable. We dig it.


Already boasting a streamlined reel of snowboards, CAPiTA is keeping the 14/15 season fresh with some killer new graphics. The brand’s two staple snowboards, the Defenders of Awesome & the Birds of a Feather, have gotten a makeover, as have CAPiTA’s pro model snowboards, from Jess Kimura, Scott Stevens, Dan Brisse & Kazu Kokubo.

Two new boards have made their way into next season, the C. Slasher pow board and the Magnolia. The C. Slasher is a serious standout this season; a rocket nose and a tapered tail, plus a water sealed core, this board is designed so that it can effectively be turned into a splitboard. Pretty sweet. The Magnolia, for its part, is a true twin, zero camber board, built to destroy park lane.

Hudsen Collective

Breaking into the scene with top tier quality matched with next-level style, Hudsen Collective is set to make a serious impact on the glove market. Creating its gloves with genuine leather, Hudsen tackles all sides of the market, from high tech performance pipe gloves to trigger mitts, and every style in between. Every model is made with the latest and greatest glove tech, featuring bamboo charcoal on the back of the gloves, and Dyna-Therm material on the palms, which allows for uninhibited dexterity and improved overall feel. Many of Hudsen’s new styles, the Harlan — Scotty Lago’s pro model— and the Calvin among them, are made with neoshell, Polartec’s most breathable, waterproof fabric, which, combined with genuine leather, make for a glove that is exceptionally durable, and consistently dry. Hudsen may be the coolest new brand to hit the scene in a long time, and the quality of their product is impressive.


Adidas’ spotlight product is their new Boost boot, which is built out with a Boost foam midsole, giving it incredible rebound and durability. Boost foam, which was patented by Adidas and is entirely unique to the brand, is also 3X more resistant to temperature than EVA foam, which can be found in the majority of boots currently on the market. Also new to the Adidas lineup are two new lower price point boots, the ZX 500 for men, and the Mika Luma for women. Both the ZX and Mika are softer flex boots with speed zone lacing, selling at an affordable price that appeals to the mass market.

Adidas is also busting out a new pro kit for Kazu — a killer camo onesie, plus a more standard jacket— and a classically styled jacket for Keegan Valaika. One cool feature of Valaika’s jacket is that it is made with S-Cafe fill—a coffee ground infused filler— and a liner that is 100% recyclable. Eric Jackson’s kit is 2L Gore, a super high end, durable piece meant to withstand backcountry elements. Another standout for Adidas in the outerwear department is their heavily branded 2-Minute Warning jacket, a hockey-jersey inspired Anorak jacket that will undoubtedly make a statement next season.

Read on to see new boards from Arbor, Spy’s Happy Lens goggles, a revolutionary splitboard from APO, plus the sweet stylings of Howl [Gallery]

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