SIA 2014 Day 3: photochromic lenses, badass board shapes & supreme graphics — another dose of 2015′s best

Another day at SIA, another round up of the latest tech and top trends that will be hitting the market for the 2014/15 season. Rider driven kits from Analog, Zeal’s groundbreaking new photochromic lens, Flux’s Heritage Collection bindings, new Akomplice collab snowboards from Ride and so much more; check out a highlight reel of SIA 2014, round 3.


Analog, which has undergone major changes as a company over the past year, is refining and refocusing its line for 2015. In an effort to streamline and simplify, Analog is sticking to 4 main themes in its outerwear/apparel lines: Gore Tex, 3PL, PLA & ATF. The Gore Tex kit includes the Highmark Anorak jacket and the Highmark bib, which has a pop-out front pocket that functions however you need it to. Storage, an impromptu lunch table— whatever strikes your fancy, the bib is there to help.

The 3L Pullover is one piece that will undoubtedly top the sales charts next season. A sleek black hoodie, the 3L combines a simple aesthetic with high tech material & fully taped seems that render it both breathable and waterproof. Technical fashion, at its finest.


Zeal is one brand that is truly innovating the optics market, debuting two new goggles that are above and beyond any other products in the category. Zeal’s highly impressive HD Camera goggle has been revamped, its profile thinned and weight reduced. Not only is the goggle slimmer and sleeker, but it is wifi compatible, meaning that riders can now view and edit their POV videos directly on their phones and share them instantly.

The biggest story from Zeal this season, however, is the new Automatic goggle. The Automatic is effectively undercutting every quick change lens system on the market, as it removes the need to switch out lenses entirely; the Automatic is photochromic, meaning that the lens changes color according to lighting. As the weather changes, the lens changes with it, lightening and darkening as needed to keep your vision on point. This, ladies and gents, is the future of goggle technology.

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When it comes to women’s outerwear, Roxy is spearheading a mission to merge fashion and function. Unique features and accents help to set Roxy’s line apart from the rest. A prime example of this is Roxy’s new Dolorian jacket, a 2-in-1 piece that transitions from snow to street seamlessly. The Dolorian can be worn in a bomber jacket style off snow, or as a full on snow jacket with the addition of a zip-on lower layer. The cherry on top of an already awesome product? A hood that can be pulled out from the collar of the jacket, or secreted away for the sake of street style.

Also worth checking out are Roxy’s Featherless and 3N1 jackets: the first is a down alternative lightweight jacket, the second a 3-in-1 piece (hence, the name) which features a thinsulate liner that snaps in and out as needed. Roxy has debuted a solid line, with an extensive range of colorways and pattern options to keep the ladies on point, no matter their style.


Looking ahead to next season, Rome’s new Katana binding is the brand’s spotlight product. The binding, which has an asymmetrical highback, is 2 pounds lighter than any of Rome’s previous models. A revamped version of 2014’s 390 Boss binding, Rome took one arm off of the underwrap heel cup and added a pivot mount strap that allows riders to adjust their strap angle for flex and comfort.

Also new to Rome’s line is their Gang Plank board. Little brother to the Mod Rocker, the Gang Plank is a flat camber board meant to rip on every type of terrain.

Up next: see Ride’s new snowboard shapes, Giro’s softshell Combyn, & Holden’s killer new price point pieces…

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