SIA 2014 Day 4: Salomon quiver killers, Anon.’s latest goggle tech, Slash by Gigi & more [Gallery]

Continuing the tradeshow highlight reel, check out another round of 2015’s top goggle tech, heavy-duty backcountry packs, performance enhancing bindings and so much more…


With another season on the horizon, Nitro is staying solid in its snowboard line, revamping many of its already established models while also debuting a few brand new boards. The Bad Seed, Nitro’s true twin, low-rise camber board has gotten a makeover, now a mid-wide and with Nitro’s new Rail Killer edge; twice as thick and primed for grinds. New for 2015, Nitro has replaced their Rook with the new Glory Stomper, a true twin, flat-out camber board built for all mountain riding and powder ripping. Flat between the bindings and rising up towards tip and tail, the Glory Stomper also has Rail Killer edges, complete with power pods— a dose of extra traction for icy days.

Nitro’s top graphic story has to be their pro models, made for Brandon Hobush and Lick The Cat crew’s Sam Taxwood. Hobush’s board has a dog skeleton, while Taxwood’s has a cat, a shoutout to LTC. Based on Nitro’s Swindle board, they’re are zero camber boards with rail killer edges made specifically for urban riders and park rats.

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In typical Oakley fashion, a new season means a slew of new styles, collections, and tech. In the goggle department, The Flight Deck and the A-Frame 2.0 are the newbies, while the Endurance Collection is making its mark on the sunglass world, and Oakley’s staple Frogskins will be coming out in a reel of new colorways and styles.

The Charlie Shell jacket is Oakley’s primo new jacket for the ladies, a street-inspired style that will undoubtedly be a best seller come fall. While some new, lighter outerwear like the Charlie are in the works, the brand is also bringing out some heftier pieces, like Jake Blauvelt’s new pro kit, which is made with Biozone body mapping to help regulate heat and built out with a thin down to avoid bulk and maintain a sleek silhouette. Gretchen Bleiler is jumping on the camo train with her new pro kits, with an Anorak jacket and snowpants in a mellow version of the traditional pattern. Stale Saandbech is following Bleiler’s lead, his pro kit (which he may be wearing in Sochi, which is pretty sick for Oakley) boasting a dark camo fade to black.


Possibly Salomon’s most exciting new venture is their innovative new splitboard, the first 3-piece split ever brought to the market. The board splits into 3, the outer two pieces used for touring while the third sits safely in riders’ packs. The reasoning behind this new system is two fold: 1st, taking out the center of the board makes the remaining skis much thinner, allowing them to fit standard ski tracks and taking away much of the work that goes along with consistently breaking new tracks. Besides saving energy, this splitboard is 2 lbs. lighter than any other split in the game.

Moving on over to bindings, Salomon has revamped their Shadowfit binding tech, now debuting a more flexible heel cup for enhanced lateral movement and comfort. The uninhibited movement of the heel cup helps to transfer energy from rider to rail, making this binding a street rider’s new best friend. The Defender is Salomon’s new binding for 2015, imbued with the new and improved Shadowfit and with a wrap-around heel cup and a stiffer highback.

Salomon’s biggest board story is their new ‘5 Ways to Slay’ arsenal, a collection of 5 rider-designed boards that cater to every style of riding. Bode Merrill’s Man Board is made with the Alaskan backcountry in mind; the Assasin, Wolle Nyvelt and Taka Nakai’s do-it-all quiver killer; the Sabotage, built for freestyle park riders like Jamie Nicholls, Hans Mindnich and Nils Mindnich; Louif Paradis’ Villain, an all-terrain board; and lastly, the Salomonder, Chris Grenier’s pro model, a soft, park specific urban ride.

Bonfire & Nikita

Bonfire has two supreme new kits for next season: the first, a heritage kit that pays homage to Bonfire’s 25 years on snow, the second, a collab collection with legendary skate company Fourstar, a moto-inspired style that fuses street and snow. For its part, Nikita is busting out a line of women’s boards for 2015, a more fashion forward line that brings all of Salomon’s tech to the fashion conscious snowboarder. Nikita also has three new outerwear collections, the Heida collection, the Sideways Sister collection and the Nikita Chikita collection. Three different lines to fit three different styles.

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