Gear Up: Skullcandy Crushers – A name that doesn’t lie

Anytime a new technology comes out that claims to be revolutionary or a game-changer, it’s usually far from it. Everybody wants to let you know how rad their product is by using these types of descriptions. This is what Skullcandy’s Crushers appeared to be, marketing noise. With a tagline “Bass you can feel” it sounded familiar to previous headphone companies efforts, which, let’s face it, fell on their proverbial faces with talk of teeth rattling bass qualities.

But with the new Crushers, Skullcandy set out to prove it. Their marketing crew got clever and showed us, instead of told us, by blasting videos of people’s reaction to the headphone during their first listen. Lot’s of positive responses in the form of jaws dropping and bewildered amazement filled each clip. But it still seemed a bit gimmicky, then we tried them.

After a few solid seconds, then hours and days more, it’s confirmed… They are legit.

Where other companies’ bass attempts would drown out the music, the Crusher’s use of an amp and Sensation55 Driver and Acoustical Porting, the bass not only comes through without distortion, they seriously shake your face. And if you don’t like the feeling of being wedged between two concert speakers, the dudes at Skullcandy thought of you too. With a small slider on the left ear cup, you can go from low base and no thump, to an all out ear assult. For how often everyone is in their own world with headphones on everywhere they go, comfort was a high priority. They’re like putting slippers on your head — slippers that fold into a compact size to take wherever.

Skullcandy is exploring new territories with the new technology and sound quality in the Crusher. For everyone that needs to rock while getting milk at the store to all those building jumps in the backcountry, if having a solid pair of headphones that, with a slide of the dial can make it feel like your at a concert, these are for you. The best part is, with the Crushers, your concert experience doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to writhe in other peoples sweat or the nose-burning scent of vomit and booze.

Equipped with the usual Skullcandy in-line microphone and remote, you can shut down the concert if you need to take a call. Another rad feature is the detachable cable, which will not only shut off the AA battery-powered amp automatically when unplugged on either side, it also can be used as an auxiliary cable for your other devices.

Dropping in at around $100, the Crusher is a big solid thump for the bucks. And starting with a three-color line (Black, White, Red) you can grab a pair at

The Crusher left such an impression on our ears and face muscles that we decided to share the joy. And that means someone gets a pair. To win ‘em, hop on Instagram and tag a photo of your rickety old headphones #SBCRUSHERS, along with a quick explanation on why you deserve to get a pair of the Crushers. The best photo and caption (picked by our editors) will have the best chance to swipe ‘em and begin rattling their teeth.

Contest will come to a close June 20th at 11:59pm MDT and a winner will be picked June 21st.


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