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Perhaps the most distinct separator between snowboarding and any team sport is that there is no element of competition necessary to participate. Sure, you can toss a ball back and forth, but by definition football is a contest. So is basketball, and so is soccer. Snowboarding doesn’t have to be. But competing is fun, and sometimes you want to beat your friends and make them buy you beers. The banked slalom craze that has swept snowboarding makes sense. A combination of community and competitive components come together to create something easy to latch onto, as a snowboarder and a person.

But before this trend caught on, sanctioned competition in snowboarding was stuck in a state of existence primarily at two levels. We’ll call these tiers USASA and US Open. Sure, there were exceptions, but by and large, there were scant chances for most snowboarders to bet a round of drinks on the results of an official time clock or scoring system.

For the last three years, Slash & Burn has given that opportunity to snowboarders living in Steamboat or willing to make the trek to the little mountain town three hours northwest of Denver. This year’s course rode like a banked slalom should. It wasn’t a waxing game, but a contest of who could hold it together through thirteen hairball berms. If you didn’t feel a little out of control and entirely out of breath by the bottom of the course, your time reflected that, negatively.

Steamboat’s massive contrast in temperatures from day to night during this time of year thawed and froze the berms enough times to create a course that swallowed people up and spit others out. But regardless of the difficulty level of a banked course, it is by default something that anyone with the ability to confidently turn a snowboard can participate it. Slash & Burn, like any banked slalom, is an excuse for snowboarders to get together and snowboard. The time on the track is only a few minutes out of an entire day, leaving ample room for sidehits and celebration — despite your race results.


Men’s Open Class

1Jake Black59.371
2Matt Ladley1:00.43
3Davis Johnsonn1:01.74
4Dash Kamp1:02.09
5Jake LaRue1:02.27
6Cody Winters1:02.51
7Billy Winters1:02.67
8Lucas Dehmlow1:03.06
9Blake Eddington1:03.23
10Jason Cook1:03.35

Women’s Open Class

1Tori Koski1:08.89
2Celia Miller1:10.70
3Savanna Atkins 1:12.18
4Cora McCloskey1:13.13
5Annabel Tuddhope1:13.20
6Natalie Geer1:14.77
7Isabelle Lalive1:15.59
8Kaitlyn Farrington1:17.62
9Nichole Mason1:18.21
10Mariah Starkey1:19.42

Men’s Amateur Class (18-34)

1Jason Blair1:08.50
2Andrew Wight1:08.91
3Buddy Bowes1:09.88
4Vincent McComb1:10.20

Women’s Amateur Class (18-34)

1Jenna Shlachter1:24.12
2Allison Berger1:25.81
3Kim Chotvacs1:28.89
4Katie Liefer1:36.91

Men’s Masters Class (35+)

1Kelly Greenlee1:26.56
2Listle Isaacs1:36.31
3Erin Pashley1:51.64
4Christine Sperber2:00.27

Women’s Masters Class (35+)

1Gary Wyman1:03.31 (Suspect)
2Spencer Tamblyn1:06.72
3Jay Isaacs1:06.80
4Scott Loeppert1:07.84

Boy’s Teen Class (14-17)

1Winston Vaughn 1:05.01
2Gabriel Irlandini 1:09.08n
3Tyler Robison1:10.75
4Cade Klawiter1:13.73

Girl’s Teen Class (14-17)

1Montana Braden1:14.14
2Grace Drobek1:14.46
3Kaitlin Hancock1:19.87
4Lyndsey Anderson1:21.91

Boy’s Youth Class (9-13)

1Marty Boyd1:07.28
2Johnny Duty1:11.54n
3Forrest Christian1:15.57
4CJ Smith1:16.33

Girl’s Youth Class (9-13)

1Rebecca Dillon1:29.88
2Kendall Harrington1:31.88
3Tatum Lightner1:34.03
4Sophie Scheel1:36.42

Boy’s From Class (8 & Under)

1Seamus Malia1:30.06
2Jett Nemec1:32.14
3Isaak Loeppert1:38.51
4Carter Einfield1:46.49

Girl’s From Class (8 & Under)

1Isabelle Drobek2:19.82
2Marley Moore2:29.28
3Jordan Casavecchia2:30.49
4Natalia Golaszewski2:41.86

Full results here.

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