Sol Republic X Motorola debut Tracks AIR wireless headphones

Sol Republic has teamed up with Motorola to create the new Tracks AIR wireless headphones, which boast an impressive 150ft. wireless range. The headphones connect to your phone, tablet, or computer, and have a 15 hour battery life, giving you plenty of time to get out and enjoy your favorite playlists without stressing about keeping close to an outlet .With the ability to pause, play, and skip songs through the headphones, plus the option to answer or ignore incoming calls, you’re life just got a whole lot simpler.

The headphones will be available in early November for purchases through Sol Republic and Motorola, for $199.99

“After only two years in the market SOL REPUBLIC has established itself as one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands in headphones because of our passion for great sound, great style and game-changing features like interchangeability and indestructability,” said Kevin Lee, SOL REPUBLIC co-founder and CEO. ”We’re extremely excited that SOL REPUBLIC and Motorola were able to engineer a wireless headphone that’s affordable, looks great, sounds amazing, and is packed with the most advanced wireless technologies available that we think today’s always connected consumer will appreciate.”


For more info on all things Tracks AIR, check out the press release from Sol Republic, below:

San Francisco, CA – October 29, 2013 – Sharing a passion for music and great sound, SOL REPUBLIC and Motorola, a Google Company, today announced the Tracks AIR wireless headphones. Combining stellar sound, unmatched 150-foot wireless range, dual device connectivity and an unbelievable 15-hour battery life, Tracks AIR provides on-the-go convenience that active music lovers will celebrate. And with four different interchangeable headband colors, you can celebrate in style.

Superior Sound Wirelessly

Wireless headphones often lack the music experience found in their wired counterparts. Thanks to the A2 Sound Engines, Tracks AIR delivers a music experience that has solid bass, clean mids and vocals, and extended highs. Developed specifically for Bluetooth audio, the A2 Sound Engines are also very power efficient so you can have volume and bass punch without additional battery drain.

“Motorola is and has always been a leader in Bluetooth audio technology and we’re excited to pair this expertise with SOL REPUBLIC’s prowess in sound,” said Matt Vokoun, Vice President, Companion Product, Motorola Mobility. “Tracks AIR is our latest collaboration with SOL REPUBLIC and offers unrivaled sound quality with the best of Bluetooth wireless technology. The same audio quality, but without the wires.”

Super Power Wireless

Tracks AIR features an unmatched wireless range that ensures clear and precise sound up to 150 feet away, nearly five times more than other wireless headphones. Tracks AIR gives music lovers the freedom to move around the house or office without having to keep your phone or music player attached to your hip. Don’t worry about digging through your bag to find your phone to answer an incoming call; Tracks AIR will pause your music and you can answer or ignore using only the controls on the sound engine.


Never Miss a Beat

With a remarkable 15-hour battery life, Track’s Air has nearly twice as much power as most wireless headphones, so you won’t have to worry about your headphones’ charge dying during a long flight or marathon day at the office. If the battery does run low, you can conveniently plug in the standard SOL REPUBLIC cables that come with Tracks Air and continue to enjoy your music.

Dual-Device Connectivity

Tracks AIR offers the convenience of dual-device connectivity so you can connect two devices simultaneously, such as your phone, tablet or computer. Seamlessly answer an incoming call while watching a movie on your tablet without having to disconnect devices. Swap from a movie on your tablet to your phone at the touch of a button. As an added bonus, you can also pair a standalone music player such as an MP3 player to Tracks AIR without losing the connection to your two primary devices. The dual-device connectivity allows you to easily switch back and forth without the hassle of discovering or disconnecting via Bluetooth and NFC pairing.

You’re In Control

The new noise-isolating A2 Sound Engines also feature intuitively placed controls to ensure music lovers can pause, play, adjust volume and make phone calls with ease. A dual-microphone with CrystalTalk™ technology is built in to one of Sound Engines, providing distortion-free calls anytime, anywhere.

Complete Interchangeability

Tracks AIR feature new PowerTracks™, which are interchangeable headbands that can easily be swapped out to match your outfit or personal style. Tracks AIR will be available in multiple colors including ice white, gunmetal, electro blue and vivid red. Separate Tracks AIR PowerTracks in different colors and styles will be available in early 2014, and Tracks AIR are compatible with all Tracks cables for optional wired use.

Tracks AIR wireless headphones will be available in early November for $199.99 at and


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