Spacecraft launches new website for the 2013/14 season

Spacecraft is kicking off a new season with a new website, debuting just in time to properly show off their Fall/Winter 2013 line. New products, and a new ecommerce solution add to Spacecraft’s new digs, helping the brand celebrate 10 years in the biz in style. Head over to the site and check out what’s new!

“I’m very excited to connect considered design with clean functionality on our new website, “ says Co-Founder Stefan Hofmann. “We are going to be pushing out a lot of content this year and the new aesthetic will allow it to really stand out. With all the changes we have made over the past few month, we are really excited to bring some freshness to our customers.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 12.16.46 PM

SEATTLE, WA – (Oct. 18, 2013) Spacecraft launched a new website just in time for their Fall/Winter 2013 line to hits stores.

Spacecraft is celebrating 10 years as a trend setting art and headwear business with the launch of its new website featuring new products, artifact adventures and an integration with its new ecommerce solution, Hubsoft that provides seamless ordering for its retail store as well as web sales.

The new website is a reflection of the people and philosophy behind Spacecraft; artistic, engaging, and inspiring. The site allows consumers to access the sensibilities of Spacecraft. All of the products are accompanied by information customers seek as well as its’ blog laced with rich content. The new websites allows customers to browse through the entire catalog and debuts a new special collection of product that combines the narrative of an adventure with a unique destination that all culminates in a special product collection. These unique and limited production collections will available on the website and released to the public periodically throughout the year through select retail partners and unveiled at events in select cities.

The “Spacecraft Astronauts” section of the website portrays friends; collaborators and talented artisans of the brand that inspire them and they hope will inspire others. Follow their website and all of Spacecraft’s social channels for updates as they “make and wander” over the course of the year. The blog will contain inspiring notions from Astronauts, travel, art, and events: past, present, and future, along with posts that inspire and keep Spacecraft growing artistically.

Spacecraft is a project based mfg. company dedicated to cultivating a collective conscious built on the principal’s art. We use many mediums to convey our message of exploration, intelligence, and creativity, and our goal is to insight change through this conscious communication.
With this in mind, our artists and product designers are not confined by any one particular look but rather charged with a mission to experience life, occasionally wander down the wrong path and continually seek ways to shock the mind out of its existing way of thinking. To learn more about Spacecraft’s art, artists and product lines, please visit


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