Reid Smith

We know you don’t have time to read a long interview in this economy, so here is a short interview with a tall personality from the Ride Snowboards crew. We asked Reid Smith for some one word responses about another year filming with his roommates (The Dustbox), going to Alaska and only hitting street spots, his summer trip to Hood, and graduating from the University of Utah with honors. – Mark Clavin

How’s The Dustbox in the summer? Golfing. 

How much time you spend on the golf course? Nine holes.

Top golf score? Hit birdie once…constant double bogie.

Top bowling score? 234.

Favorite Fast and Furious movie? Haven’t seen one start to finish. They aren’t fast enough.

Last beer you drank? Mountain Time.

Last drink? Dirty Chai.

Most recent thing you’ve eaten? Bacon, egg and cheese.

How was your last week up at Hood? Torment… or tiring. 

Why? Fun. 

Who was the most fun to watch up there? Baden… or Jed… or Dan Mcgonale… or Aito. 

New tattoo? Dirks. 

Summer board of choice? Benchwarmer. 

Airtime or steel? Airtime.

Airtime or handplant? Tie.

Tie. p: Bird

Favorite food spot in SLC? Cobra Dogs / Little Saigon

You are the newest Cobra Dog employee? Yes. 

What happened to golf job? Quit.

How is working in a food truck? Hot, hectic, smiles.

Dog of choice? Bun mi. 

When do you graduate? December.

Summer classes? Yep.

Studying? Marketing. 

Why? No idea. Convenient. 

Hardest class? Business Law. 

GPA? 3.615.

Worth it? Yes. People act like it’s impossible to snowboard and go to school…it’s mad easy. Way harder to work a full time job and go to school. 

How’s hot yoga? I went with my mom. It was dope. 

Worst place you traveled to this winter? No complaints. 

Best Place? Finland. 

Pittsburgh or Cleveland? Wiz Khalifa.

Going to Alaska to hit street? Taco King. 

When’s the new video coming out? Halloween. 

You got a name for it yet? No.

Next place you will ride? Big Snow. 

Mesh shirts? Cutoffs. Necessary in the Utah heat. 

Favorite pet? Long hair Wiener.

p: T. Bird