The 31st Legendary Banked Slalom – Results

This past weekend the 31st Legendary Banked Slalom took place at Mt. Baker. While the LBS retains it’s standing as one of snowboarding’s most prestigious, (yet modest) events, its story far surpasses the limitations of a traditional event recap. So for now, we will get down to the brass tacks of results, however we advise that you keep an eye out for rider profiles and the full story on what truly makes the LBS legendary, coming soon.

Pro Men’s podium:

  • 1st place – Nils Mindnich
  • 2nd place – Josh Dirksen
  • 3rd place – Curtis Ciszek

Pro Women’s podium:

  • 1st place – Stephanie Haines
  • 2nd place – Spencer O’Brien
  • 3rd place – Torah Bright

For the full results visit here
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Legendary_Banked_Slalom-Event_Recap-0174 After the completion of The Fourth Phase, Travis Rice has taken more of a personal year and was in attendance at this year’s LBS.
Legendary_Banked_Slalom-Event_Recap-0187 The presence of legends at the LBS is just one of many factors that allows the event to live up to it’s name. Terje Haakonsen made sure to give the crowd a proper lesson on style and flow.
Legendary_Banked_Slalom-Event_Recap-0253 Josh Dirksen is a master of the turn, a fact that was consistently backed up all weekend long leading up to his second place finish.
Legendary_Banked_Slalom-Event_Recap-1-0167 Temple Cummins has won the LBS four times throughout the years, and his fast yet graceful approach to the course is worthy of note taking.
Legendary_Banked_Slalom-Event_Recap-1-0283 This year the course was truncated in an effort to speed up course times. Chris Rasman takes the high road around the last set of banks before reaching the new finish line.
Legendary_Banked_Slalom-Event_Recap-0255 Stowe, VT native Nils Mindnich was burning through turns from the start and ultimately clinched gold with the only time under 1:14.
Legendary_Banked_Slalom-Event_Recap-0349 The Young Amateur division (ages 16-19) kept things fast with times just shy of the older divisions. 1st place – Drayden Gardner, 2nd place – Milo Malkoski, 3rd place – Cody Warble
Legendary_Banked_Slalom-Event_Recap-0365 The Old Amateur (ages 20-29) podium, 1st place – Calvin Patterson, 2nd place – Trevin Sims, 3rd place – Sam Trippe
Legendary_Banked_Slalom Women Amateur division podium, 1st place – Zoe Vernon, 2nd place – Frederique Joncas, 3rd place – Jacqui Shaffer
Legendary_Banked_Slalom Masters Men podium (ages 30-39), 1st place – Scott Reynolds, 2nd place – Adam Haynes, 3rd place – Chris Bowlin
Legendary_Banked_Slalom-Event_Recap-0371 Masters Women podium, 1st place – Sara Niblock, 2nd place – Ashley Thornton , 3rd place – Anna Bengtson
Legendary_Banked_Slalom-Event_Recap-0417 The Pro Masters Women podium, 1st Place – Barrett Cummins, 2nd place – Megan Porcheron, 3rd place – Marguerite Cossettini
Legendary_Banked_Slalom-Event_Recap-0425 The Pro Masters Men podium, 1st Place – Rob Kingwill, 2nd place – Ashley Call, 3rd place – Deni Bevin
Legendary_Banked_Slalom-Event_Recap-1-0436 The Pro Women podium, 1st place – Stephanie Haines, 2nd place – Spencer O’Brien, 3rd place – Torah Bright
Legendary_Banked_Slalom-Event_Recap-0457 The Pro Men’s podium, 1st place – Nils Mindnich, 2nd place – Josh Dirksen, 3rd place – Curtis Ciszek
Legendary_Banked_Slalom-Event_Recap-0493 When the clouds finally cleared at the end of the weekend, the view of Mt. Shuksan reminded riders there is a lot more about Mt. Baker that is legendary than just the weekend’s race.


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