The Bergesen Foundation supports The Arctic Challenge and Drink Water


Is it possible to create an action sports event without support from large energy drink companies? Organizers for The Arctic Challenge were forced to ask that question this year as they prepared for Norway’s 14th annual iconic snowboard contest this March. Determined to take a stand in an industry saturated in sugary beverages, organizers looked to other avenues for sponsorship support. The Bergesen Foundation, one of Norway’s largest private philanthropic organizations, stepped up to donate $180,000 USD enabling a groundbreaking partnership between The Arctic Challenge and the Drink Water brand.

Energy drink companies have been investing large amounts of money in action sports for years, spending heavily to market unhealthy products to young consumers around the world. Similarly, finding willing sponsors capable of financing large events has grown increasingly difficult.

– It’s sad if top level sports only can be financed by promoting obesity and diabetes, says Terje Haakonsen, founder and owner of The Arctic Challenge.

With the contribution by The Bergesen Foundation, Drink Water stands as the main partner of The Arctic Challenge 2013. The event will turn into a promotion machine for a healthy message: Drink Water – from the tap.

Drink Water was established by American snowboarders Bryan Fox and Austin Smith in reaction to the overwhelming energy drink marketing domination throughout action sports. The company exists as a branded initiative and donates a percentage of proceeds to organizations combating the global water crisis, as nearly one billion people lack access to clean water.

– Growing up in California, Terje Haakonsen was a role model for us, both as a legendary snowboarder, and as an outspoken advocate for staying true to the sport. Drink Water was created by Bryan and Austin based on just those principles. We are honored to work with Terje and The Arctic Challenge, and humbled by the Bergesen Foundation’s generous support for the cause, says Stephen Fox of Drink Water.

The Bergesen Foundation has been supporting environmental and organic projects at The Arctic Challenge for years. This time they are pivotal in making the event happen.

– We are surprised to see that Norwegian companies don’t support Terje Haakonsen’s healthy values. It would be easy for him to finance his event buy giving up his principles. We hope more organizations will follow and support his important work for snowboarding and youth in general, says Jan-Fredrik Wilhelmsen, chairman of the Bergesen Foundation.

– Words cant describe how grateful we are for the support from Bergesen Foundation. Not only do they make The Arctic Challenge happen, but they do it for the right reasons. Combining this with helping Drink Water, just makes it perfect, says Terje Haakonsen.


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