Photography is subjective, and we just put this title up for you to click on it. In reality, this is the gallery from our latest issue. We didn’t even put our cover in here (which we obviously would have thought is the best since it landed on the front page). It is not judged or organized by a panel for awards, and we don’t want it to be. Photo contests are stupid. There are a ton of great photos not in this post out there that never see the light of day or are printed in a few of the other mags and we are big fans of those as well. Honestly, there are a ton more photos that are just as strong in every story we published this year! If you are taking snowboarding photos in 2023, chances are the staff and I will be or are already very big fans. Send some over to us next year and let’s get them published. Enjoy these 20 or so from the front of the mag and go pick one up to see the rest (there are hundreds in this issue).

Have a favorite? Go follow the photographer and rider if you don’t. Happy New Year! Stoked to see what everyone gets in 2024 now that the snow is starting to fall! Or live in the past and get our issue with all of the ACTUAL best photos from 2023 right here!