Performance shredding obviously is important when you’re a professional snowboarder, but during Bateleon Team Week it’s all about the kids coming together and having a great time. It’s springtime, snow is slushy, boots are soggy, you’re out there on the hill with all your friends and sometimes you don’t wait until the evening until you crack a cold one. That’s Team Week spirit, it’s raw and real and what snowboarding is all about.

Bataleon Snowboards Team Week Austria Cyril Muller photography snowboarding
The lodge porch, a common lace-up location. | Tom Copsey of Europe's Onboard Magazine, Ryan "Diggles" Scardigli, and team rider Shayne Pospisil.

That’s the exact vibe the Bataleon Team Week radiated to all involved from the first second to the last, from fun laps in the park, to a sidecountry mini-quarter-session. Daredevil crowd races from top-to-bottom on a bumpy slope of deep slush, to a beer or two and maybe another at the bar. Follow it all up by a great traditional Austrian dinner, and it is safe to say, 3BTeamweek was a celebration of the good things in life.

I tried to capture that vibe by shooting from the hip most of the week. I have this little Canon DSLR setup with a pancake lens that I love; it’s so simple and small, while the look of the images it delivers are close to what you get from analog point-and-shoot boxes. I bring a hot-shoe flash and just fire away at people, capturing the good moments of a fun day from start to finish. The shots look very real, and I love that about them. I feel like they carry to vibe, I hope you can feel the good times in those photos. I’m not a photographer when I shoot these images, I’m just one of the pack carrying a camera.

The following photos include team riders: Tyler Chorlton,Tor Lundstrom, Shaun Murphy, Shayne Pospisil, Ethan Morgan, Madison Blackley, Klaudia Medlova, Alek Klerud, and Tobias Hjertsson. The Bataleon staff also took part in the festivities, including: Dennis Dusseldorp, Danny Kiebert, Julien “L’Arrogs” Haricot, and Ryan “Diggles” Scardigli

Bataleon Snowboards Team Week Austria Cyril Muller photography snowboarding

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