The Meeting 8 comes to a close with Red Bull go-cart racing, Stephen Marley and Brit Floyd

After the highly informative panel discussion on Friday about brand building, content creation and audience building with some big names including Chase Jarvis, Robert Scoble, Nick Hamilton, Greg Jacobs and more, we headed over to the Wheeler Opera House for the premiere of Jeremy Jones’ Further and Burton’s 13.

Jeremy and his brother, Todd Jones, were in attendance to give thanks to everyone who came out to see the new movie and to honor a godfather in the snowboard world, Tom Sims. The movie would be a huge hit (obviously) as Jeremy and a group of elite riders including Terje Haakonsen, Ryland Bell, Lucas Debari, Forrest Shearer, Josh Dirksen, Mitch Toelderer and Bibi Pekarek visited remote location around world and shredded peaks for the first time in human history.

Jeremy Jones raises his fist in memory of Tom Sims.
Burton’s Kevin Keller and Mark Sollors on stage presenting 13.

After the lights went up Burton’s Kevin Keller and Mark Sollors would join on stage to give props to all who attended the new Burton movie 13. If you haven’t seen 13 yet you’re missing out on one of the best Burton movies to date.

Once the 44 minutes of snow porn was over we flocked to nearby Casa Tua for an industry meet and greet with POC, TGR and Backbone Media for cocktails, some killer food and chance to chat it up with Jeremy, Todd, the panelists from earlier in the day and other influential media from the snow world. Time passed quickly and everyone was getting antsy to head over to the Belly Up where Stephen Marley would put out the reggae vibes for all to enjoy.

TGR’s Todd Jones and SMP’s Brad Fayfield enjoying a drink at Casa Tua.
Panelist Robert Scoble and Chase Jarvis talking business at Casa Tua with SMP’s Nicole Birkhold and Aspen’s Derek Gunshore.

Before the music went off, Givin’s Too played on the big screen getting everyone stoked once again for winter that was right around the corner. After the flick Stephen Marley, Spragga Benz and Jo Mersa would finally ease the ears of the crowd as they sent everyone into a reggae frenzy with beats from the motherland. A mild haze would set in above the crowd as partygoers enjoyed themselves until 2am.

Getting out of control on turn four during Red Bull race day.

The next day would be a rough one on the racetrack as Red Bull came into Woody Creek Raceway and gave us six hours of high-speed go cart racing. It would be hectic from the start as these bad boys went fast. From high speed collisions to spin outs around the last turn and plenty of people running into the tire barriers, the day would be a huge success as it got everyone’s adrenaline pumping for another night of drunken debauchery at Belly Up with Brit Floyd, a popular Pink Floyd cover band that sells out huge crowds around the world.

After some much needed down time and a quick happy hour back at The Limelight, we headed over to Belly Up for Pirate Movie Production’s premiere of UNIQUE8. I must say, I didn’t think PMP could outdo themselves from last year’s Bottom Line but, inevitably, they did.

Tim Humphreys and Todd Jones enjoyed the premieres at Belly Up. Time for Brit Floyd!

From Nicolas Müller and Gigi Rüf’s amazing backcountry segments to Chris Sörman’s racy opener where he gets it on with some hot blond chick (titty included) only to be replaced by a stunt c*ck on what turned out to be a porn set. It was some must see jaw-dropping action to say the least. And yes, we are talking about the riding…

Next up would be Standard Films’ 2112 where Tim Humphreys made an appearance to support his efforts over the past season filming for yet another awesome, banger after banger film from the boys at Standard. I wonder what it’s like watching your own part at a premiere? All I know is that Tim was stoked on it and everyone was giving him high-fives after the movie.

After the lights went up, Brit Floyd hit the stage and rocked everyone into the night with perfectly synced covers from Pink Floyd. The dance floor went off and bar tabs skyrocketed as everyone in attendance put it all out for the last night of The Meeting 8.

Brit Floyd rocks the Belly Up.

If you’re reading this and you’ve never been to The Meeting, put it on your calendar for next year. It’s fully worth every penny you spend to hang out with riders, industry folk and friends while having the time of your life in one of the best places on Earth, Aspen.


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